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July 2, 2014

NYX Round Lipstick SWATCHES

Lipstick adds a finishing touch to any look. And depending on the color the entire feel of the look can change! I had an urge to go get some and I've wanted to get the NYX Roundstick lipsticks because I like the brand a lot. It's drugstore priced yet the quality is on par with mid-high ends!

I got myself 4 lippies in Medusa, Black Cherry, Haute Melon and Pink Lyric.(fyi: I got them from cherryculture, I'll link it below)

Pink Lyric is a fun bright pink. And I mean BRIGHT. Hot pink or barbie pink would describe this color perfectly.

I got Haute Melon as I wanted something orangey-but-not-too-orange color and this was great as it is a nice coral color. It has a pink undertone which helps to fit well with my skin complexion without washing me out.

 Medusa is a deep plum color without any other hues. Strictly purple. This lipstick has a very little amount of sparkle, barely enough so I'd still call it matte.

Black Cherry looks a deep dark lip color but depending on how you apply it, the color can be a very natural red. Best described as rouge.


The texture of all these lippies is smooth so they glide on very well. The color is very pigmented for each of them but I do know that some NYX round lipsticks can be quite sheer depending on the shade you choose. I personally mix some of these colors to get some insanely pretty colors too(ex: pink lyric x medusa = PERF). Also, these stay on pretty well without much smearing and smudging. Overall I think it's a really good lipstick :)

So I am going to get some more, I just know it.
There are soo many shades to pick from and I am not done trying them out yet AND they are just $3.50 so uhm. Why not?

You guys should check them out too!

And if you have, how do you like these?


  1. Great swatches! I love the first and second one!

  2. They get a lot of compliments! It's such a fun color perfect for when the sun is out :D

  3. It's a vibrant one for sure :) Super fun to wear out

  4. Haute Melon is my fav! Nice swatches. :D

  5. That one get's the most compliments! Glad I got it :3

  6. ahhh gotta love NYX! That medusa color is giving me life! I just bought some just like it from Sephora actually! Can't wait to wear it this fall/winter!

  7. Haha medusa is a really gorgeous purple color! Seems like you'd like it a lot too :)