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April 16, 2014

TONY MOLY Cat Chu Lip Tint (No. 2 & 3)

I don't know about you, but I've been abusing something called lip tint. Whoever made this stuff is GENIUS! I always saw Tony Moly lip tints pop up when I search for some and I went ahead and got two colors from their Cat Chu line because I'm a sucker for cats.

It was when I was obsessed with orange lip colors that made me want this color and it's orange alright. And I was in loooove. It's bright but not overpowering and the shade is very wearable even for those with a more olive skin tone(me). 

This color can be very bold! I have a way of applying this one so as not to make it too red and that is by applying as little of the tint as possible then smudging it haha With this color, it can come off as a reddish pink or just a solid red depending on how much you apply! There is a pink option called Cherry Pink if you think red is a bit much.

As soon as I got these two lip tints every. single. day. They are my quick go to lippies :) I've used up half of each already! I got them almost a year ago but there's still plenty left. The color for both last very long, almost 5 hours without touching up. And I drink a lot of water and tea btw. Once the lip tint is applied and dried it doesn't smudge nor transfer it's color. I highly recommend these for anyone looking for lip tints to try! They work great as a base for lipstick as well, makes the color more vibrant and long lasting. 

I got these off Ebay, I don't have the links anymore but I got them from a seller based in Korea. Hopefully you can try them too!

Used and abused:

It's a cat for the cap :3


  1. Me too I'm obsessed with orange lip colours, it's veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cuteeeeee! Lovely review and awww I love tony moly, especially this range of kitties ^^

    恵美より ♥

  2. the packaging is cute, and the colors are nice and vivid and looked natural when applied. the swatches were really helpful :)

  3. I think Orange Cha Cha best suits you :D

  4. omgosh i have been eyeing these tints for like forever but i wasnt sure of the pigmentation and didnt wanna waste money! thanks for the review i am SOOO getting both of them!!

  5. I love the kitty caps!!! I never thought of wearing orange lip color until I tried some of my mom's on last year, and it surprised me that orange makes such a nice, fun lip color!

  6. I have the orange chacha one! I don't really like it :( It doesn't good on me maybe it's just my skin color or something~ I wish it looked good on me because I really like the color ;<