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April 9, 2014

{KKCenterHK} Au Naturel

Yes, it's contradictory as they are falsies ;)

Thanks to KKCenterHK I've had the chance to try and review so many great lashes and these are another wonderful pair! These looked natural while delivering a good amount of length and I got more than what I expected.

Very long! However, it is still within a passable or rather "natural" length. If comparing them to other designs, they would be on par in length. But the difference is that these are far more natural.

Although these lashes do have a fair amount of volume it isn't the key here. Having tiny, shorter lashes between the longer ones do aid with this though. Mascara on your natural lashes can fix this well :) 

To describe these lashes, I'd say they look like lash extensions. The design is so natural and light. Quality? No complaints. The band is transparent and thin. The ends don't bother me even when applied closer to the inner corner(you can see this is the photo above). The only thing is to be careful when removing the lashes from the box as pulling the adhesive off can disarrange the lashes.

So there, there~ if you would like to get these, 
click on the link: 


go to KKCenterHK to check out what else they have!

Feel free to use tht-christina for 10% off your order as well :)

THT Christina 


  1. These lashes look so nice~ :D They really do look natural and definitely not plastic or heavy feeling~ Thanks for the review!

    Love, Aimee

  2. they do look very natural on you! I love the lilac you added underneath your lower lash line <3

  3. Those lashes are perf! I probably will get those for prom since it seems like I can't find any lashes that fit my small eyes and I don't want them to be too heavy.

  4. Love the wispy look of these lashes!

  5. Them being light was definitely a plus! Plastic feeling lashes weigh your eyes down and make me feel sleepy LOL

  6. Thank you! I've been adding a teeny bit of color to match the spring vibe that's everywhere right now x)

  7. Ohhhh have fun at prom!!! Natural lashes would stick on longer and not weigh your eyes down, but get some you'd really like since you want the volume and "enhancement" of the lashes to still do their thaang ;D My friends' proms and mine ended with a whole bunch of girls ripping off their falsies near midnight LOL

  8. Same! Thay are natural but the length and flare make a nice wispy effect :)

  9. looks rly nice! also i love the purple eyeshadow under ur eyes :)

  10. You have gorgeous eyes! Those look great on you <3
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    xx, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  11. Thank you! And wow, a fellow vancouverite :D Scrolling through your blog now!