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April 6, 2014

Candylicious Crystal Red

I've had red lenses once before and I thought they looked amazing and vampy. There's this dark but pretty look to red eyes, possibly mysterious? These lenses are from ♥AppleofYo​urEyes♥ and are under the Candylicious label. 

I've seen several lenses with the same design labelled differently but the main point it that the lenses have black shards that run throughout the lenses. The design imitates the effect of a crystal and is more vibrant in some areas than others. The red is a ruby red that shows up very well on my dark eyes and blends well near the center.

The comfort isn't bad at all, some dryness after a couple of hours but since the enlargement is pretty much HUGE what can you expect.

I was quite surprised that they didn't look too odd even though I wore minimal makeup. If going for a mysterious or vampy look these work well. Because the enlargement is big, you can wear this and pass off a dolly look easily too! 




Lens Detail
Diameter: 16.0mm
Colour: Grey, Brown, Blue, Pink, Green, Violet, Red and Choco
Prescription: Plano to -10.00

That is the end here! If you want to check them out and other lenses that  ♥AppleofYo​urEyes♥ carry, visit their website!

If interested in these lenses specifically, 
Link to lenses:



  1. I would never be able to pull of red lenses like you!! this is so cool :)

  2. Dark lip colors look awesome on you! I know people are wearing lots of pinks and coral lip colors but I'd like to see you in that more often ^ ^ Makes me wanna go back to my dark lippies too. Nice post as usual!

  3. Why are you so pretty <333

  4. Wow I would never think of wearing red lenses! Thanks for the review, now we know what they look like- a lot more wearable than I thought!

  5. Uhm you are kiddingggg! I can see you looking SO GOOD with dark red lips! Please try it :3 haha

  6. I guess I don't wear the lighter lip colors much on this blog :P I will do that more! I've been killing the coral lippies irl though, maybe that's why haha

  7. Red lenses always captured me :) Maybe it's all the anime I watch LOL but yes, depending on the design, some can even look natural!

  8. haha glad to know it was pulled off x) but I once wore red lenses out and everybody was staring! Red is def unusual since other colors are strange enough as it is

  9. I love how you matched your lips with your red lenses~ So cute and sexy at the same time x3 The red lenses really seem like a not too out there red though~ You make it work well! ^_^

    Following you on Bloglovin now~ I can't wait to see more of your posts!

    Love, Aimee

  10. Thank you! I was afraid it'd be red overload because my room is red too LOL what can you say~ I love the color!