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December 28, 2013

{VIETNAMN TRIP} Instagram Dump

Hey everyone,

I am back from my one month trip to Vietnam and so my blog has been dead for the entire time I was away! I updated my instagram regularly during my trip but wifi there was nowhere near as strong enough to upload posts. So here's a dump of photos to share :) They are not in order.


Just a warning :)

There was so much more than this and I wish I could've caught everything with photos, the camera just cannot capture how beautiful some places really were!

I will be back to posting regularly soon,
reviews on on the way!



  1. so much good food!! such beautiful scenes too!

  2. Looks like you had so much fun! I really appreciate the pictures since I was planning on visiting Vietnam this year but I have no idea what to expect. Any suggestions?

    For some reason I never thought you were Vietnamese! Not that it's a bad thing or anything though. :)

  3. Yes! The food was super good, so any hopes of losing any weight there was crushed LOL Scenery was amazing in person :)

  4. It was very fun! I'd say, going with people you KNOW you'll have fun with is the main key. I didn't go on any tours as my friends who went said it's not worth it, they just try and sell you stuff :( But if you don't have family or friends to take you around then it's fine because you'll get to do some sight seeing. Def go to Nha Trang if you get the chance :)

    Oh really?? haha I get that sometimes, But I get every type of Asian too LOL idkwhy, but I don't mind :P Are you Vietnamese too then? Since you want to go :O

  5. I'm Vietnamese as well. :) I get the same comments too about being all sorts of Asian. I think maybe it's because Vietnamese people don't have very distinct features? Some have double eyelids, some don't, as well as some have a high and some have low nose bridges. We're special? :D

    I have family in Vietnam but I don't know them too well but hopefully they'll be able to show me around. I'll probably do some research on Nha Trang. Thanks for the suggestions! <3

  6. Wow! That's show how much fun you have had during ur trip! Love the photos! ^^

  7. I guess not having distinct features is cool in a way though! We can look like errbody and errthang >:D LOL If they are family, they'll love you to bits over there :) Hope you have a super good time when you get to go!

  8. I had a lot of fun! Glad you enjoyed the photos :)