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December 24, 2012

10 Expressions Tag!

Hey Everyone!

So there's another tag game going around and I was recently tagged by Catherine and Jo-Ann! Gosh, I wonder if I made it up to their expressions xD

Rules are simple: 
Copy the tag game- picture and tag someone to do 10 different facial expressions. You can choose those by your own or use same as you got. Share your expressions by pictures.

Ready, ready?

 Failed Cross-eyed Derp Face

December 17, 2012

Lens Review: I. Fairy Kirei Brown

Hi hi,

Here's to another review for a pair of brown lenses! These are actually quite similar to the New Adult Brown I reviewed not too long ago (review here). However, these are larger, much larger and is like a cooler version of them.

I apologize before I start the review though, because I actually didn't have my usual camera(s) with me and the lighting wasn't the best - especially with the weather I am having here - so the photos have a cooler tint to them in the "natural lighting" settings.

December 10, 2012

Review: Buty Color Handmade Japanese Criss-Cross Lashes

Hello again,

KKCenterHK sent me two types of lashes for review purposes quite some time ago and I will review the upper lashes first. If you like length and natural types, these might be for you :)

These lashes are very suitable for a long fluttery eye look. They are thin and light so volume isn't the main purpose of these, though they do add a bit of volume. The length factor of these are just great though! Also, the lash ends are long and can easily be pushed down for that droopy lash effect that many like :)

Before & After

My Piercings + Circle Lens Giveaway!

Hi hi :)

A random-ish post I guess but I just wanted to share my love of cuff/chain earrings! And just to put it out there, my piercings are not interesting at all.. just on the ears~

There was a time where I was absolutely OBSESSED with cuff earrings simply because... well, I didn't have a cartilage piercing T^T (plus my parents would be completely against it!) And I just liked the way cuffs looked. Also, if there was a chain attached to the earring then my-oh-my, that would just be even more awesome! I guess I just have been into chains and such ever since I was introduced to the whole rock/visual kei scene years back :P

Anywho, I purchased these from an Etsy shop while on the search for a pair of earrings that had a chained cuff: