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November 26, 2012

New Blog Layout + Fairy Drops Volume Burst Review (Pink)

Hey everyone!

So like Le title says, I've got a new blog layout! It's actually all thanks to Wengie and seriously, girl is amazing. So you all should check out her blog ;D

Actually, she was hosting a little giveaway sort of thing to her readers so that they could get a blog makeover so I thought I would join as I am horrible with all these html's. Plus, I was pretty darn unsatisfied with my previous blog layout (lol).

Okay, moving on to the review:

First of all I apologize for all my posts being reviews recently. I've been super busy busy busy with work and life and trust me, it's not exciting so there's not much to share recently :(               *sigh*

November 13, 2012

Lens Review: EOS New Adult Brown (Blytheye/J-203)

Hai hai,

This will be a quick review as today is the only day that I will have time to blog this week. I've been busy, busy, busy but I guess it's a nice change of pace compared to a few weeks ago. I have things planned out that I'd like to create posts about but time just doesn't permit me to do so as of now, I'll get around to them all eventually, slowly!

November 2, 2012

Lens Review: BarbieDoll 400 Grey

Hey everyone,

Here is the last review of this series, I'm sure you all are bored of seeing these lenses by now haha
And it seems that my workplace allows me to do my nails! *tears of joy*

Anywho, I've caught the cold for about a week but I'm 98% better now, but from the pictures below you'll see that my eyebags are a bit more apparent so it's just a heads up (lol).