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September 26, 2012

Colorful Circle: Store + 3 Circle Lens Reviews

Hey everyone!

So a while ago (quite long ago actually :X) I received 3 pairs of lenses from Colorful Circle, a store from Korea that sells Korean cosmetics as well as circle lenses ^^ So I will be reviewing all three in this post here. The three colors I received were brown, green and grey.

(for store photos of these lenses click the above link)

September 22, 2012

"Oh, a Wedding Shoot" + さようなら、ゆり一ちゃん (´∩`。) *Pic Heavy*

でも大丈夫でしょう? だっていつか私とジェニーも日本に行く!(笑)

A little blurb for a friend~
I haven't been keeping up with my Japanese so... Yuri-chan don't laugh! haha

Well moving on,

A few days ago it was a funny day because while taking photos, people walked by and said "oh, a wedding shoot" LOL But really, it was simply that before she leaves for Japan she wanted a photo shoot for memories, and may I say formal? It was formal alright, us and our dresses and Yuri-chan with her poofy one! But most of the time we fooled around :P

So I wanted to share some of our shots together with us girls! There were so many but here are the ones I liked most:

My Fave:
Ok, now that the thumbnail photo is chosen I can go on to the less attractive ones HAHA jokes~ 
(well not really)

September 20, 2012

Lens Review: GEO Edge Grey

Hey everyone,

Here's the review the GEO Edge Greys that Eyecandylens sent me so long ago along with the GEO Mari Gold Browns - reviewed here

Also, I didn't notice until today but the website stated that these lenses were a new design from GEO in 2012!

(click HERE for link to lens)

September 17, 2012

With My Darling Lisa♥ + Purikuras + GD CRAYON [MV]

Hi! :D

A friend of mine who I haven't seen for 6 years came to visit me and I just wanted to do a little photo post of the time we spent together! She is just like a little sister to me ♥

She stayed at my place for a week so we had time to catch up, hang out, do some crazy things aaand we were able to go for two rounds of purikuras as well as going together for her first genuine/legit Korean restaurant for jajangmyun!! 

I was quite sad though, we didn't get to take as many photos as she wanted :(
Nonetheless, Lisa, this is for youuuuuu~ 

Snaps of our purikura:

September 13, 2012

Lens Review: I. Fairy Venus Red

Two posts in one day, wooowie!

And yes thass right, these are red lenses B)
How many of you are drawn to it? I guess it may be a love it or hate it because of how unnatural and "freaky" it could be. But I think they they are awesome!!

Now for these lenses, I really thought what suited them best was a darker makeup look ^^

*Sponsored* Tattoo Stockings//Nylons

Hallo :3

How many of you have heard of tattoo stockings!? I haven't! lol

Until I was contacted by Trinity Styles that is.. They kindly sent me a pair in the style vertical cursive print. I have seen some people wearing them but I thought "wow those are cool tattoos" not knowing they were actually nylons at first =.= But when I did find out I thought that it was a very cool idea, I mean, tattoos without the need for needles! haha

(click above for link to product)

September 12, 2012

Gained Weight and Gotta Get back.. Again D:


Honestly... I haven't written a blog post on this topic for the longest time because well, I am guilty of not doing much about this at all T^T

After my trip to Cali (and a week before my trip) I was soooo lazy that I did absolutely nothing! I felt so sluggish and tired. I knew if I exercised then my energy level would rise again but despite knowing that... I was still such a lazy bum!

I was supposed to try really hard to work on having an absolutely CLEAN diet but I slip up here and there..

Here are some food shots btw (LOL) Just to have some snaps :P
Gosh, buffets and vacation do NOT go well together

September 6, 2012

Lens Review: Puffy 3 Tones Violet

Hey guys! So I'm back from Cali!!! I had fun :) Took plenty of photos, ate a lot and gained weight... LOL I am planing to post regularly about diet and fitness again since I've gone off track T^T

Anywho~ here is another lens review and they are the Puffy 3 tones in violet!
Previous reviews are here: Grey, BrownBlueGreen

(click HERE for link to lens)