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June 21, 2012

Princess Mimi Almond Brown + New Fringe

Wow, what a long name for these lenses haha

Well, here I am with yet another review for you all! I have the Princess Mimi Sesame Grey lenses (review) and really liked them. However, within the mimi series these are part of the more natural lenses.

June 11, 2012

Tutorial: Ulzzang Park Yong Hee *Inspired*

Hello ^^

Today was a day off of classes for me, the teachers decided it was fair for the students to have a one day break as this week will have two clinical exam days. One exam day goes on for 10 hours... So I am so happy I had today off.

But I wanted to take the opportunity to create a tutorial for an ulzzang whom I really admire, Park Yong Hee. I looove the darker eye looks, and at first I wanted to do a visual kei inspired tutorial, maybe I'll do that later on though. Also, I think Park Yong Hee is HOT. Lol

Final Look:

Some Japanese Mag Scans *Pic Heavy*

It's been sooo long since I've uploaded some mag scans!
Here are some scans from the following Magazines ^^

June 6, 2012

LENS REVIEW: I. Fairy Casper Blue

Hi :D

Many of you were excited about the I. fairy casper blue lenses because of it's unique and bold design and I was too. Well, they did not lose to that excitement AT ALL. All I can say is.. these are pretty awesome B)

June 2, 2012

♥ Thank You ♥ Giveaway - END

Hello Everybody!

Like the title says, I'd like to inform you all that the giveaway has ended!

It went on for a long while and finally it has come to a close. Thank you all who have participated in this giveaway! I really enjoyed reading your answers to the two questions and have taken notes on your suggestions and comments and will incorporate them throughout my blog ^^

Now, who cares about all that right? LOL

The winner of this giveaway is...