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March 30, 2012

Sponsored Post: I.Fairy Jewel Blue Review

Hello lovely peoples~
I was sent a pair of lenses by Uniqso recently, and I received the I.Fairy Jewel Blues.

I like trying different colors of lenses and so far, I have had just about every color, but I noticed that I haven't ever owned a pair of bright blue ones. So these stood out to me. I hoped that they would turn out nicely, not disappointing me like how other lenses have T^T *ahem* 

  I.Fairy Jewel Blue 

March 24, 2012

FOTD&OOTD + New hair Color: Feria Violet Soft Black

Hello~ Wow, I'm on a roll with these blog posts :D haha
It's been super nice and sunny these past two days! Spring finally came to rescue me! I'm a Spring baby btw x)

So I haven't posted an OOTD in quite a while, 
here is my FOTD and what I wore today:
I don't remember where I got my things but I'm really loving this top ^^

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I colored my hair with a soft violet black. Here it is~

Bathroom lighting, my hair was tied up in a bun when I took this,
so it looks more purple here. Yay! 
However, It's more dark irl and in the sun it looks mahogany.

Pretty natural and well, normal. So nothing too special there x)

I just wanted to darken my hair because it was so uneven in the back (my friend was totally on my case about it) and my roots were growing out. I also plan to dye it lighter in the summer so I wanted to give my hair somewhat of a little break from the touch-ups.
I was thinking of just coloring it black. But I thought, why not give it a little purple tint :D
So there you have it ^^

L'Oreal - Feria in Violet Soft Black

I bought the hair dye from a local drugstore, and I know.. that usually the American drugstore hair dyes just do not turn out well on me(personally). But hey, as long as it gets it even and dark, I'm fine with it. haha

So here are some photos of what the box claims:

Before&After - Results
I colored my hair with Palty's Milk Tea Brown.
The second photo is more accurate to my hair color before.

*Sorry for the oily hair :X I need the natural oils out before dying my hair.
Once again, it is darker irl! 
The third photo is the closest to how it usually looks. The other two are a bit lighter than the real appearance of my hair.

Actually, my FOTD&OOTD photos show my hair color the best, plus the photos from the Kira Kira Green Review ^^;; 

It didn't turn out like the box said it would >>  But I already knew it'd be like that. 
My hair was even all the way around, which I am happy with. Also, it got darker too ^^ Time to let my hair have some rest before the dying process in the summer again!

Does it ever turn out right for you guys out there? Or is there something about Asian hair, how it is usually more coarse and thick? That's what I've been told since a long time ago anyways :S

So yep! That's my hairrr... for now :P

March 21, 2012

{ TUTORIAL } Lace & Antique Florals

I'm back!
With a new nail tutorial ^^

 Lace&Antique Florals

KKCenterHK Lace Water Decal Review

Harro :3
Geh, first time saying that. Ever. LOL

I'd like to present to you...

tadaaaa~ (lol)
Recently I was contacted by KKCenterHK to review one of their nail products(water nail decal) and I agreed to it :)

I chose the design you see in the above photo ^^
Because I LOVE LACE <3
It's feminine and classy and the designs are so intricate and pretty. So there you have it. 

At first, I had no idea what water decals were O.o I received the item and looked at it without any clue of how to use it... Turns out they that work like temporary tattoos for nails! hahaha
I felt so silly ^^;;

So here is the process of how it went:
1. Cut the water decal into the desired sizes
2. Submerge the water decal in water for a few seconds
3. Remove the decal from the paper and place it onto the nail 
*the decal does not dry immediately, while wet, you may still manipulate the water decal*
4. Apply a top coat and seal in the decal

What I think:
I like these :3 Maybe it's the little high from my first time using it, and because I love lace but.. all that aside, it is simple to use and there are so many designs to choose from ^^
Plus, actual lace nails are a pain to do D: They are absolutely gorgeous but are also time consuming and you need more supplies to achieve it.

So I give this an A+++ :D

If any of you are nail junkies and would like to check out these water decals
go to and see them for yourself :)
Feel free to use the code tht-christina for a 10% discount ^^

BTW! If you like the nail design here, I have made a nail tutorial for this design: Lace&Antique Flowers

Have a goooood day~

March 15, 2012

Gyaru Eyemake *Popteen/Egg Inspired*

I mentioned in a post that I recently got myself some dramatic lower lashes that remind me of the eye that models in Popteen & Egg wear.

So I put together a little tutorial :3

The look:

March 14, 2012

Puffy 3 Tones Brown // Shinny Brown

Hey Therr :)

This here is going to be a review on the Puffy 3 Tones Brown that was sent to me by ^^ They are also known as Shinny Browns.

I wanted to try these because of the whole hype about the Puffy Series. Everywhere I hear about the Puffy blues, pinks, greys and browns! I really wanted a vibrant brown that was out of the natural line and because of all the models in Jelly and Blenda were rocking these colors.
I saw that, apparently, these were supposed to do it...

So here's my review with all honesty~

taken from

March 12, 2012

[Diet Update] I Need to Get Back on Track...


As the title says, I really need to get back on track T^T

So, what had happened was... I got sick. I caught the flu mid February and it was pretty bad for a week and then lingered on for another week and a half.

LOL yeah... 

March 7, 2012

REVIEW: Grang Grang Brown WHC-244 & Choco HC-246

Why hello there :3 
I'm just in such a happy mood today! Since it's sunny LOL I've been sunshine deprived for too long D: So if I sound happier... than I usually do (lol).. just don't mind me ^^;;

I'm here with a post reviewing the two GEO Grang Grang lenses, sent to me by ^^ These are also the lenses that you could win in both my giveaway and LensVillage Blog's Giveaway
The lensvillage giveaway ends on March 10th BTW!
So go join naoooo

There are two designs and both come in two different sizes, which I am so so so grateful for because 17.0mm and even 15.0mm kinda scare me off :S In this review I'll be talking about each design, one in a bigger size than the other :)

March 4, 2012

[Review] EOS G-307 Gothic Green + Natural Waves

Hi hi! :)

So I`ve finally opened up my Green EOS G-307 lenses! I actually bought three of the gothic series from a little circle lens spree I had a while back(turquoise - but I think I have been sent the saphires, green and violet). I have yet to open the violet one though :P

March 2, 2012

{TUTORIAL} Pink&Rosy

I'm back with another nail tutorial~~ :D
My galaxy nails chipped since a week went by, so I did my nails again! kekeke

As requested by a lovely reader, I made a new design ^^ And it`s