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February 29, 2012

♥ THANK YOU ♥ 150+ Followers Giveaway

Once again, THANK YOU all 

I am sooo late in doing this, I planned to hold a giveaway here on my blog once I reached the 100 followers mark, but now there are even more than 150 followers! I am grateful that you all think my blog is worth the following x) From my happiness, I'd like to hold my first giveaway ^^

February 27, 2012

I've been tagged! + New Giveaways to Enter~


By Lina Kim of SparkleApple, CathyNoxin and Toffinshan!
I warn, this is an overload of information about me. Solely me. haha
Prepared to be bored if you are going to read this entire post! Since there are no pictures either :(

So feel free to skip to the bottom where all them giveaways are at, like y'all always do LOL jkjk :P

February 24, 2012

{{ TUTORIAL }} Galaxy Nails

As promised!! Once I got home from finishing my last exam, the first thing I did was my nails :3

February 21, 2012

[Review] EOS XtraVaganza Pink(G-210)

Hello ladies~ And possibly one or two stalker men ;D (I know who you are... LOL)
I have been suuuper busy(it's finals week T^T) so I haven't been making any posts, but good news is that for the month of March, I will be able to do my nails!!!


I will be sure to make some nail tutorials ^^ Something I haven't done in ages~ but my nails will be pretty short.. I have one month to do my nails, so I'm guessing around four nail designs? kekeke

Ok, enough with that,
EOS XtraVaganza Pink (EOS G-210 Pink)

I actually won these from QoQo's 2011 Year End Giveaway btw! She wrapped everything up so nicely with bubble wrap :3

Lens Description:
Manufacturer: EOS
Model: G-210
Series: XtraVaganza
Diameter: 14.5mm
B.C: 8.8mm
Lens Type: Yearly Disposable

No Lens
Bright window lighting 

Indoor Lighting

 Here are some poser pics with them on:

(Ratings are all out of 5)
Light pink in color. It is really opaque and noticeable, the pink definitely shows through. The design is really simple. Obviously not natural and doesn't blend. Aside from this, I don't have much else to say.

Every. Single. Lens. Enlarge my eyes! I don't think I have small eyes but maybe it's just my iris size that makes all lenses seem to enlarge well :P These are 14.5mm so they do not look overly huge at all.

I only wore these for a short period of time, but I think they were quite comfortable. EOS lenses do have thinner lenses after all.

The EOS XtraVaganza Pink lenses totally remind of anime eyes, in fact, I was tempted to apply anime makeup when I wore these xD Personally, I do not have much of an opinion about them, it's neither love or hate. However, I do not mind them. I only gave these lenses 3 stars though because well, let me tell you a little story which freaked me out:

When I was rubbing the lenses with solution before applying them, I noticed a greyish black liquid. BLACK WATER! I was seriously like O.O when I saw this. I mean, where did it come from?? The solution is clear!! I realized that the black part of the lens design itself was being rubbed off. 
What the heck. 
Could I go blind from wearing these then? 
Aren't these lenses supposed to have the color "sandwiched" in the lens?

Let's take a look at some comparison photos:
Yeah bro, before and after. Comparing the left lenses in both photos - See how black the rim was before?

After a while of rubbing, there was no longer any black water, so... I went for it. I KNOW. Could be dangerous but I have no idea why I still wore them .______. Well, I didn't go blind and they were completely fine afterwards. 

Still, what do you guys think I should do? throw them? *sob sob* I wanted to make at least one tutorial with these though~ T^T

That's all for now, I plan to hold a giveaway that I've been meaning to do since I had 100 followers, but now it's been long over due :P So that will be coming up. Well, I'll be posting more regularly in March!

For the rest of the week, I hope that I do well for my finals!
I should go study now... Ciao~

Don't forget that LensVillage Blog's first giveaway is still going on ^^
GEO Grang Grang Giveaway

February 11, 2012

[GIVEAWAY] LensVillage Blog's First Giveaway!

I mentioned before that I was also managing LENSVILLAGE's BLOG correct?

Well, I will be hosting a giveaway there!

GEO has released two new natural lens designs in two different diameters!
Up to TEN PEOPLE may win :D


Rules to Enter:
Be a follower of LensVillage Blog through Google Friend Connect(GFC)
Leave a comment on LensVillage's post following the format given.
(2 entries)

Additional Entries:
Follow LensVillage Twitter +1
Post this giveaway on your blog side bar +1
Blog about this giveaway +1

**Total chances: 5 entries**

Ends March 10, 2012

EDIT: Okay, so a lot of people(including myself!) are having problems entering the LensVillage Blog website. At times it is there, other times you cannot access it. All I can do is tell you to try again in a bit and hopefully it works then.
It really is inconsistent and frustrating evenn, but I hope that this problem will be solved :C

Don't let this stop you from entering if you really would like to though!
I hope that you all can be able to join!

February 6, 2012

[Diet Update] Minus Two Pounds ALREADY?? + About Body Fat

Hey y'all :P I'm on DAY SIX of the 90 day challenge ^^ It's been almost a week already!

So far I have lost about one pound. Which does make me happy but then again, weight is not the issue.

I do feel slimmer in my tummy(which is really the only thing I am focused about btw :P) and my parents have said that I look slimmer too :D But I think they are just saying, because one pound is like.. nothing almost haha better than nothing though!

I've been drinking more water. And by drinking water, your body will know that it won't be dehydrated. So it will release the excess water weight = lighter on the scale. But be sure to understand that because of this, a person's weight can fluctuate as well.

And I have also been able to avoid unnecessary foods like... bread and cookies... and crackers. LOL

Following a meal plan is a first for me, and I really wanted to try following one for that very reason. And thanks to that, I have been able to control myself from munching on foods a.k.a. binge eating. So I have been able to avoid unnecessary foods like... bread and cookies... and crackers. LOL


To be COMPLETELY honest, I don't follow the plan exactly xD
I need my rice. I need flavor!!
So I tweak the meal plan a tiny bit. I understand the nutritional values of food, so I have been able to use the plan as a guide, not a solid book of rules.

My lunch today: chicken breast, salad + cooked peppers,celery,button mushrooms ^^

February 1, 2012

[Review] GEO Bambi Greys aka Princess Mimi Greys + Outfit Post&Diet Update

Hi hi ^^

I'm back, WITH A REVIEW! Of what!? Well, the post title gave it away already pfft. LOL

Yus, I've recently received a package in the mail for a pair of GEO Bambi Greys! They are also called Princess Mimi Greys too ^^

I was so excited to get these as they have been suuuuper popular among the Gyaru models :D
I had to get my hands on them because reviews after reviews came out about them, all with really good ratings. So I am here... to give my own verdict of these lenses.

Okay, so here are the company photos of the lenses: