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January 26, 2012

MAG SCANS: Seventeen January 2012

MAG SCANS: Scawaii January 2012

MAG SCANS: Blenda January 2012

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January 23, 2012

Health&Fitness: Update +

So it's been a while since my "I Want to be... Skinny!?" post.

I used pictures of Korean celebrities in that post, but by no means are they the ONLY inspiration/goal.


January 20, 2012

[Tutorial] Simple Smokey Eye

Hey everyone ^^ 

Here's a smokey eye tutorial for you! I didn't take any full faced shots today as I am kinda sick(I wanted to save you from having to see such a face xD I didn't even wear makeup to class today :P) But I wanted to make a post at least once a week... or else I might go missing from here again :X 
Yep, along with the snow, came the cold and sniffles D:

Hope you guys find it useful!

Final look

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January 14, 2012

There is Snow~~

HELLO! Guess what? Where I live, THERE IS SNOW!

Finally I can whip out my ginormous earmuffs and warm hats!

January 11, 2012

January 2012 Giveaways + the Kreative Blogger Award

Here`s a quick post, 

For this month, there have been quite a few giveaways! Here are some that I have seen and entered in:

Qoqo`s 2011 Year End Giveaway
Ending Jan 20th

January 1, 2012

Hello 2012~ My Resolutions

Wahh so it's been a while, 2 weeks to be exact, since my last post. I planned to blog about some stuff during the winter break I had(which was only a week T^T) but I never ended up doing it.

ANYWHO~ Since it's 2012! I, like many others, shall post my new years resolutions!

1. SLIM DOWN. Like my last post, I shall keep a healthy diet FULL of self-control ^^''

2. Expand on my Japanese. It's so on and off to the point where I can't even say that I have been learning >.> I know enough to go traveling on my own but I am sure I have forgotten much of the language as the months pass by. As far as Reading and writing concerns. I will not focus too much on kanji atm. Hiragana and katakana are down PAT since 2 years ago though :) がんばります!

3. I must learn to read Korean. For the sake of karaoke LOL well, also, I had a bet with a Korean guy about this too. Deadline is March June. And my friends are teaching me bit by bit random phrases and such, so I have always been picking up words and such.

4. Blog more often! About everything, and anything!

5. Improve on my own weaknesses and strengths. Physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.

6. Become more pale? LOL I tanned a bit this year, I must not depend on lighting any longer *sigh* I can say that overall, be more satisfied with my own appearance. Improve on my own self-conscientiousness(truth be told, I am weak in this area, although I may not seem like it).

7. Spend more time with friends. I noticed that I have been isolating myself from people more over the past year or two. Gotta stop. This seriously may have caused me to become a shut in or something. Gahh

8. Start sewing again. My lovely sewing machine is collecting dust =.=

9. Become a better daughter, elder sister, friend... person. This includes improving on my personality and way of thinking, I guess.

10. Finish schooling with good grades! And getting myself a job in that field.

11. Reaching my goals. Being a more determined and committed person.

There's much, much more but this post is already pretty useless/boring enough HAHA I will keep this for myself so I can look back and use this as a checklist then~

BTW I took pictures for an everyday makeup tutorial, so I will be posting that up tomorrow *FOR SURE!*

So what are your resolutions?