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December 10, 2012

Review: Buty Color Handmade Japanese Criss-Cross Lashes

Hello again,

KKCenterHK sent me two types of lashes for review purposes quite some time ago and I will review the upper lashes first. If you like length and natural types, these might be for you :)

These lashes are very suitable for a long fluttery eye look. They are thin and light so volume isn't the main purpose of these, though they do add a bit of volume. The length factor of these are just great though! Also, the lash ends are long and can easily be pushed down for that droopy lash effect that many like :)

Before & After

New With Original Retail Packing Box
Ten Pairs In Box
Short Front - Long Tail Design
Black Eyelashes Stem
Janpanese Criss-cross Thin Long Design, Densely Distributed Eyelashes

100% Handmade and Authentic
Import From Taiwan And Made In Vietnam

thin and light
flexible band
criss-cross design
plenty of length on the ends

nothing I can think of...
unless you aren't a fan of cross types lashes or aren't aiming for length over volume.

Full face shots:

NOTE: I was looking through the KkCenterHK site and noticed many of their lashes are being sold out! These included! So it is unfortunate if there are any of you who like these :(
But they do have a large variety of lashes and you can still definitely check out their store to see what's available:

Valid until Jan. 31st 2013

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That's it for today.
More circle lens reviews coming up next!


  1. Wow! Fake lashes make you look like you have tons of lashes! : D Super nice~

  2. Very pretty lashes!! xo

  3. criss cross lashes are so pretty in my opinion! ^^ pretty as always Christina! :D

  4. Woah, how does one handmake that? It looks much more natural than the synthetic ones for sure!


  5. love it since they look pretty natural *Q* you look so pretty with them :'3
    ♥ ♥

  6. These look beautiful! Really.They look so natural and pretttyyyyy!

  7. wow! it makes a difference! lovely! :)

  8. Cool review dear! And you look so pretty with them! Love how you did your makeup and overall look too to match the lashes. :) Stay pretty! :)

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  9. wuua it looks so natural, I'm going to get these from kkcenterhk, thx^^

  10. Those are really beautiful :O

    I'm not usually a fan of criss cross lash designs, but these are lovely :)
    They don't have the obvious "X" pattern that many criss cross lashes have ><

    One question though~
    You have dark hair and dark lashes, so are the falsies to light to be worn without a coat of mascara? I've had this problem before. I just don't like covering my lashes with mascara because they become less reusable T_T

  11. I'm not a fan of the criss cross lashes but these look really natural on you. Your eyes are also really pretty!

  12. By far the best contact eye model! Go Stina!!!! One of a kind ;)

  13. these lashes look so pretty on you!~ I love how they are so long on the outer corner of your eyes. sounds great that the band is flexible and light too- sounds ultra comfy :D

  14. that's a lot of eyelashes, that would last me a lifetime lol!

  15. These look great! I have such a hard time applying fake lashes.

    <3 Melissa

  16. That's what I like about falsies :D The volume it gives! Plus the length!

  17. I have always liked them too :) And thanks Amanda ^^

  18. They are very natural, though the length is quite long!

    And thank you :)

  19. Haha they are very purdy :3 And I like their naturalness, I've had mostly unnatural ones before these so this is great!

  20. They do! They add volume and length :D

  21. kukuku if you could get them I hope you'll like them a lot too!

  22. There are some criss cross designs that I'm not a fan of either, but these are one of the "likes" of mine ^^ Just as you described, the deign isn't so obvious so it's more natural!

    And I actually have very thin lashes, so even though they are black I still need mascara! Sometimes I don't wear mascara due to being lazy :X but by applying it, it helps your lashes to blend with the falsies. And don't worry about covering your fake lashes with mascara. You could always apply mascara first, curl, THEN add the lashes :) I don't like mascara on mine either!

  23. Thank you :) And I like how they lengthen my eyes too! I have those round eyes but I like the long sultry eye shapes too! haha And these are comfy and that's important for lashes!

  24. haha I'm sure it'll last a looong long time for me x) Some boxes just have 10 pairs though, and these are one of 'em :P

  25. You definitely get used to applying them though! Who knows, maybe you'll become the pro who applies falsies single-handedly ;D

  26. the lashes look awesome on you!


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  27. Omg these are gorgeous! They're so fluttery and natural :D

  28. Wahaha they are!! And it's been a long time ;D Thanks for the comment!

  29. yeah, but I should wait til January-feb ;^; cuz the shipping is so expensive

  30. very nice natural looking lashes!! love it ~