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December 17, 2012

Lens Review: I. Fairy Kirei Brown

Hi hi,

Here's to another review for a pair of brown lenses! These are actually quite similar to the New Adult Brown I reviewed not too long ago (review here). However, these are larger, much larger and is like a cooler version of them.

I apologize before I start the review though, because I actually didn't have my usual camera(s) with me and the lighting wasn't the best - especially with the weather I am having here - so the photos have a cooler tint to them in the "natural lighting" settings.

Lens Info:
Diameter : 16.2mm 
Water Content : 55%
Life Span : 1 year
B.C. : 8.6mm
Power Range: 0.00 - -8.50

Price: $22.00
Window/Natural Light
Florescent // Flash
Side View
And her's my eyemake with full on lashes! Makes such a huge difference!

It's very pretty! With these lenses you definitely get a halo effect and the teary glistening eye look. The thick ring adds the dolly touch and the center helps them to blend in. The color as mentioned at the beginning of this post, is slightly cooler and has a washed yellow tone rather than being brown. Once again though, in person these lenses are a warmer color than what is depicted in the photos above labelled under "window light".

These are BIG. Makeup is a must for me with these lenses and when paired with some lashes.. ;D

I. Fairy lenses do not fail me here! 55% water content is very comfy for me!

 I would like to give these a 4.5 rather than just 4. They are huge, dolly, pretty and eye catching. The only downfall is that they aren't something I would wear on a daily basis as I do not get dressed up for work nor do I wear heavy makeup and lashes regularly. But for those of you who like these types of lenses, go for it! I'm sure you'd be able to rock them more often than I do!

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 I need to find proper lighting.. ASAP!
Or get a ring light! kukuku

Have a good day everybody ^^

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This is a sponsored review with my own personal thoughts and opinion.
Lenses were sent to me by for review purposes. 
10% Discount Code: 10THT


  1. ur eyes look so big with this dolly^^

  2. Ugh these lens are so sexy they make me die a lil inside haha! Its so damn pretty, and on you too ofc! Too bad they were sold out for me when I was ordering lenses back then cuz i actually wanted these T^T

  3. Wow they are so sparkly and dolly! You look very pretty with them on~
    The lower lashes add a nice effect.
    Your pictures in your lens reviews are always so good quality and flawless! Any tips? I can't seem to take good photos when reviewing lenses haha

  4. These lenses are really big and it really makes you look like a pretty doll!! I really like the colour too.


  5. Wow these are really pretty! :)
    They remind me of EOS adult brown~~

  6. You look so pretty :)

  7. Fantastic look;)

  8. Cute lens~
    Haha, love the opening photo!
    You look so good!
    ... I think my camera hates me. ;P

  9. I've wanted these for so long! I find them to be a fairly unique brown color. You look really nice with them.

  10. Лидия ФроловаDecember 18, 2012 at 5:19 AM

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    Maybe we can follow each other !?
    Just let me know :)

  11. these look absolutely gorgeous. The enlargement is a little unnerving at 16mm but the makeup makes it look more "natural", although they still give a little unearthly feel due to their color.

  12. The lenses are really pretty but I'm more in love with your makeup!! Your eye-makeup looks especially amazing *_*

  13. Very pretty lenses and eye color. :)

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  14. You look stunning ! You really look like one of those Japanese popteen models !

  15. Yes, they look huge!! haha But dolly ^^

  16. Aww that sucks! There are so many times where I like certain lenses but they either don't have prescription or they are not in stock too. You'll get your hands on these soon I'm sure :P You look down right purdy in anything ;)

  17. Sparkly! That was the word I was trying to think of for these! haha

    And thank you :) I must say having a good camera is key, something that can shoot macro is suuuper important for me since it will be clear for up close shots. And the lighting, I cannot stress enough, you need good lighting.When I reviewed these the light was getting dimmer thus the colder tone :/ Hope that helps! Any more questions, just shoot 'em at me :D

  18. teehee thanks :3 LOL The color is very nice, different from the typical brown lenses you'd see everywhere!

  19. Right?? That's what I thought too! Actually there is another series out there that is exactly like the new adults but larger :O

  20. Aren't they~ and yus, these make your eyes HUGE!

  21. Thank you :)

    And :O No!! You hate your camera! LOL

  22. Very unique, it leans towards yellow golden area on the color spectrum! And thank you Jacky ^^

  23. Ohh yeah, when I first started wearing lenses, 14.5 already sounded big! I thought I'd never like larger lenses but I've really changed now looking back haha I still love all the different diameters though :) And your description of these lenses.. I like that!

  24. Wuahh Thanks a lot! I have a with/without lenses photo with all the lashes on.. The lenses are what creates wonders ;D I should put it up some time soon :P

  25. D'ohh thanks! I gotta put much more effort into my dress and hair if I wanna deserve that comment!

  26. aww i love your eye make here!! its so beautiful, especially when you add on the lower eye lashes. love love love it! these lenses are nice too. i kinda like the idea of a cooler tinted color lens. hehe :)

    xoxo Sarah

  27. they look great =D I hope that the cool tint hasnt made too much difference to the appearance of the lenses, coz they look really appealing at the moment ><

  28. it's sooo pretty! :D though it doesn't look brown, it looks more yellow! but it's still it's soooo pretty! >w<

  29. Wow well they definitely make you have gorgeous big eyes - loving these. I am a little too nervous to try put contacts into my eyes but one day...

  30. Oooh :) These are really nice and dreamy ..I like how small the pupil hole is on it :) I also like your new layout :)

  31. I just started wearing brown colored contacts, I didn't think I'd like it but it turns out to be my favourite just because it's so subtle yet gives it the pop!

  32. these lenses look so great! love the color.

    xx rae

  33. These look ah-mazing on you! I love that halo, glistening effect - it's very pretty~

  34. those look pretty awesome!

  35. Hey dear! Merry Christmas! Hope you're enjoying the holiday season. :)
    Hope you also got my email re: winning my Firmoo giveaway. :)
    Read about it here:

    Happy holidays! ^_^

  36. Thank you ^^ The bottom lashes definitely add more emphasis!

    And I like the cooler tint as well, then again, I like a lot of things! x)

  37. Haha! They are a bit warmer/golden irl but the indoor lighting photos are point on, just the window lighting is a bit cooler in color.

  38. Wahaha they are :3 It is more yellow/gold than brown, but hey, I like it ^^

  39. Sureeee are :D And thank you ^^ It's a bit too cute for me but I do like it haha

  40. I thought brown lenses were really plain before so I only got other colors, but like you said, they do give an extra pop! Plus there are so many crazy designs in brown that show up now!

  41. Thaaaank you! I think these lenses give me the best halo effect I've had from a lens now that you mention it!

  42. wow these lenses look so pretty on you! <3 I love how they kinda glow in the light <3

  43. Thanks! And thay have that glowy luminescent effect going on at the edges x)