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November 26, 2012

New Blog Layout + Fairy Drops Volume Burst Review (Pink)

Hey everyone!

So like Le title says, I've got a new blog layout! It's actually all thanks to Wengie and seriously, girl is amazing. So you all should check out her blog ;D

Actually, she was hosting a little giveaway sort of thing to her readers so that they could get a blog makeover so I thought I would join as I am horrible with all these html's. Plus, I was pretty darn unsatisfied with my previous blog layout (lol).

Okay, moving on to the review:

First of all I apologize for all my posts being reviews recently. I've been super busy busy busy with work and life and trust me, it's not exciting so there's not much to share recently :(               *sigh*

Above photos are from the Ebay seller I purchased the mascara from

As some of you may know, I really liked my heroine mascara (reviewed here) but the thing was that it was just TOO waterproof for my liking! So I searched for another mascara that would hopefully satisfy my mascara needs.

I saw very good reviews for fairy drops mascara so I thought I'd give the brand a shot :) I just searched Ebay and picked out one that I'd hopefully like.
And here were the results:

Verdict? I LOVE IT!

However, one thing I must say is that the last two photos, I curled my lashes after applying mascara. Which is what I usually do. The formula is a bit thicker so it weighs down my lashes more so than other mascaras but once I've re-curled them, they'll stay up all day!

Another pro is that these are waterproof BUT can be removed easily with warm water. I was so happy *tear* And yes that's right, tears won't make it smudge ^^

So here's a rundown of the likes and dislikes:

adds volume and length
holds curls all day long
waterproof, doesn't smudge
easily removed with warm water

heavy formula may weigh down lashes after initial curl

Other than that, 
NO COMPLAINTS whatsoever :) there were other mascaras by Fairy Drops as well but I went with this because of the warm water fact ^^

You can search and compare other ones the seller may have as well.

So have any of you tried Fairy Drops mascara? 
or what is your fave mascara?

Let me know by commenting! 
Hope this review helps ^^


  1. love the new blog layout!! :D i'm thinking of redesigning mine toooo. the mascara looks super awesome! i've heard great things about me!

  2. I've been keeping my eyes out for a new fiber mascara and heard a bunch of negative reviews about Fairy Drops mascara due to how hard to was to remove! Did it come out very easily with just warm water?

  3. I really like the new layout! : ) I love fairy drops too, but it seems like their formula is always very heavy!

  4. Having a new layout is quite refreshing haha And this mascara IS awesome :D to me... LOL but reviews from other people prove the same from what I've read :)

  5. Really? :( The ones I've seen all like it very much, thus why I purchased it. I do really dislike waterproof makeup to be honest, but ones that are easy to remove I'm much more fond of. I was a bit skeptical at first whether or not the mascara would come off with warm water but I've had no problems so far. I remove my makeup with a waterproof makeup remover but the mascara still stays on, however, once I begin washing my face with warm water, it all comes off. Hope this answers your doubts :)

  6. Thank you! Credit doesn't go to me though :P And really?? that's a bummer, but the mascara pros completely weigh over that con so it's all good to me~

  7. The mascara looks great on you! I need to get it! Nice review :) xo

  8. I love your new blog layout! :)
    Reminds me that I should change mine again soon too haha
    I have a Fairy Drops mascara too, but I got it in brown - it doesn't make my lower lashes look as nice as yours though!

  9. Thanks for the mention and the review looks fab :)!!! Hope you enjoy the new layout :D!!! Pretty girl deserves pretty blog right ;)?

  10. Your new layout is superfine ^^/

  11. personally i like reading reviews more than any other stuff^^
    i wanted to read your heroine mascara review again, but the link is not working :(

  12. fairy drops look nicee, my fave so far is dejavu fiber wig :D

    -> <-

  13. you look so cuute!

    you totally look like those girls in japan :) they're all super pretty

  14. I've been so so curious about this mascara! I just bought the Dolly Wink one yesterday and this one was put on the back burner...but now I want this one again! LOL
    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Great new layout dear. I love it~ The colors are so girly still :)

    The mascara is a sure love thing! Love it to bits! :) Great effect :)


  16. Really interesting mascara interesting review!


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  17. usefull review!!! I've just started following you, if u would follow me back i'll be very happy :) OPEN GIVEAWAY!

  18. I was about to buy it... now I definitely will :'D I havent tried any FD mascaras yet,although i did buy the purple one but havent gotten around to trying it out ><

  19. Love your new layout! I never tried Fairy Drops mascara's before, but I love the effect !

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  21. Your new layout is so cute~!
    Thanks for the review! I was so close to buying the Fairy Drops mascara. I'm glad I didn't lol. Hate mascaras that weigh down curled lashes because I don't like re-curling them >_<"

  22. Thanks :) And glad it was helpful :P

  23. Thanks to Wengie ^^ Oh I haven't seen it in brown yet! Must be very natural :)

  24. Good to know! haha
    And weird :/ It worked for me: Hope it's ok for you now!

  25. Thank you! And I try haha but ohhhh darn, you flatter me~

  26. I'm curious about the dolly wink one! I hear it comes off with warm water too so I wanted to try, mabe after this one :P And no problem! I guess this post was good enough for you to want it again xD

  27. I'm glad! And I hope I keep your interest in my blog! haha

  28. Oooh the purple one was the other one I was contemplating on to get! And I do like these, if you decide to get it I hope you do toooo!

  29. Thanks :) And this is my first time as well, and I am very happy with it ^^

  30. Bahaha thanks to Wengie! And yeah, it's frustrating, but it's become habit for me now, I don't even bother to curl my lashes before applying mascara anymore LOL

  31. I really like your new layout!! cute <3

  32. Omg I love your blog! This helps a lot!

    xoxo wengie,

  33. i am always looking for new mascara! thanks for sharing :)

    and your new layout looks great!

  34. Nice layout Christina!! You did a great job! ^____^
    I love the shape of this mascara though I tend to go for brushes but those stilleto like bristles.. I always seem to have problems finding a formula that doesn't weigh down the curl.. it's a bit frustrating!

  35. Wahaha it's not thanks to me~
    I like the shape too, it really does help "catch all the shorter lashes." And for me I have that exact problem too, but I deal with it by letting the mascara dry first then curl afterwards :P

  36. Cute blog! I run a Disney blog and would love it if you can drop by! I'm now following you. Hope you can follow back and take part in my upcoming giveaway. I'm a fan of Fairydrops mascara. =)

  37. wow it's actually really effective!