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October 23, 2012

Lens Review: BarbieDoll400 Brown

Hey everyone!

I've been having a hectic week so I wasn't able to review these until now. I've been busy and my schedule is unstable grrr >> But hopefully it will settle down soon! Here is the review:

Who here is anti-duck-lips? haha
Lens Info:
Manufacturer: Dueba
Under the label of DollyEye
Diameter : 14.5mm 
Water Content : 38~62%
Life Span : 1 year

Price: $19.50


As you all can see, these lenses are two toned. The inner color is a cooler shade of brown which is borderline yellow. The outside has a black solid ring which gradually swirls towards the center, like a hurricane.

Diameter: 14.5mm
Do they look like 14.5mm lenses? I say no, because they enlarge a lot for such a size!


I am very pleased with the lenses from this series so far, like the blue ones, I have experienced no discomfort with these lenses.

Once again, I will say that I usually steer away from lenses with this design, I don't know why but I do :/ However, I must admit that I am really loving this series. They are bold yet not too out there, the color is balanced between the two tones and these brown ones are something I would wear for an everyday look (which I will!). 

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Yurp, so I have been dying to do my nails... *sob* And plan to do a tutorial for a fall inspired one. But I need to make sure my dentist allows me to paint my nails or not as I have just started working in that office haha (ohhh the pain for a nail polish lover in the dental field T^T)

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This is a sponsored review with my own personal thoughts and opinion.
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  1. From a distance like the first pic they are fairly natural. But in the closeups I didn't realize it was gonna be such a striking pattern. I still like the colour on wear them well and they don't look freakishly large as you already have big eyes!!

  2. I love that color with your hair! The lenses are a little too crazy for me but you do pull them off really well!Super cute!

  3. Really cute lens review your eyes looks really vute and i think don´t looks so unnatural.

  4. I really love the way you did your make-up for the lenses! >u< It really shows off the lenses~

  5. Looks very bold and pretty on you!! =) Love the way you did the eyeliner flick!

  6. Wow, your eyes look amazing! I wish I could do my makeup like that :) Thanks for the sweet comments <3

  7. they look great on you !

  8. I love the design! They look great with your make up too

  9. the look really nice! They give great enlargement and I love how golden the color is :)

  10. I dont really like the pattern, but you lookk preetttyyyyy. I love your new hair color btw ;)

  11. That's what I like about these! There is quite a good balance in the design and color to achieve that! And I was surprised about the enlargement! But I think I'm getting used to larger lenses on me now haha

  12. Thanks! I've been into the golden/yellow tones recently :P And D'awww You have a few crazy lenses that you rock as well ;D

  13. Thank you ^^ They aren't as unnatural as I expected!

  14. Thank you :) It's quite simple actually but the lenses enhance it!

  15. Thank you! And I did my eyeliner slightlyyy different, good eye! :D

  16. Thank you :) And the makeup is reallyyyy simple! Just eyeliner and lashes to be exact! haha

  17. Thanks! The makeup is just eyeliner, and lashes all the wayy~

  18. Exactly! I love the golden tone to this lens, that's the lens color I've been obsessing over recently :P

  19. Haha thank you! I usually don't like these kinds of patterns either :/ But I like these lenses! And thanks~ I love the colors you had in your hair too!

  20. Haha~ You make it sound like it's really easy. xD Regardless, I love this look on you! c:

  21. WOAH! That pattern is kinda of hypnotizing! @_@ ahaha very pretty as always!

  22. This is really pretty and the color is lovely in your eyes too!!

    xoxo Wengie

  23. Cuteee girl <3 anything suits you!!