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October 9, 2012

Lens Review: BarbieDoll 400 Blue

Hi hi!

Sooo it's been a while since I last reviewed some lenses that weren't so natural haha
Today though, here is a pair that is bigger and dolly!

Lens Info:

Manufacturer: Dueba
Under the label of DollyEye
Diameter : 14.5mm 
Water Content : 38~62%
Life Span : 1 year

Price: $19.50


I like the blue color a lot, it is somewhat a baby blue and it is vibrant and noticeable! The design however looks like a hurricane swirl which makes it so that the lenses do not stand out too much. I'd say that there is a good balance between the two colors.

Diameter: 14.5mm
The enlargement effect by far does not represent the true diameter of these lenses. They enlarge A LOT for 14.5mm!! 

I have no complaints whatsoever :) 

To be honest, I don't usually go for lenses with this type of design. But I went ahead and chose these and was happy that I did. They are opaque yet do not cause others to have that O.o face when they look at you haha Also, despite the enlargement effect being so big, they don't look too unnatural.  

So if you guys like these, they can be found here: 
And receive a 10% off code for any purchase with the code 10THT

I have these in grey and brown as well, so I will be reviewing those in the upcoming weeks ^^
Hopefully they are on par with these ones, if not better haha

Till then,
Have a good week everybody!

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This is a sponsored review with my own personal thoughts and opinion.
Lenses were sent to me by for review purposes. 
10% Discount Code: 10THT


  1. Your eyes looks like a doll~~

    ~Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page


  2. So pretty!!!!! :) i cant wait til your review of the brown ones!

  3. Pretty! Nice pics too ;) Very good quality and so clear !

  4. Wowww. I really like these.They look super unnatural but they are very very coolll.You look really pretty with them on too!

  5. Color looks amazing on you!
    So jelly might give them a try!
    Thanks saku

  6. Awww I love this colour lens! And I want your hair colour :3 What shade is it?

  7. I actually love super blue lenses on your eyes! You look super dolly and beautiful Dear. <3
    Haha I agree with you this time too, they look larger than 14.5mm lenses wow didn't know twirl design lenses
    will give a better enlargement. =)

  8. haha thank you~ And you are such a pretty doll!

  9. Thanks! And all the credit goes to my nikon :3 haha

  10. Haha super unnatural but it's not that bad irl actually! Which I like :P And thank you ^^

  11. Thank you ^^ I hope you like them if you decide to try them!

  12. My hair color... hrmm if I had to choose a color it would be a caramel brown. I used palty hairdye and my hair went through a complicated process though x) I still have to make a post on it!

  13. Thanks! I like blue lenses too! Though they are a bit more difficult to wear :P And right?? They enlarge so much for 14.5mm! I think it's the thicker black ring that helps too.

  14. Thanks you! I will do those ones next then ^^

  15. waaa these lenses look so twirly from upclose!! haha * ^* you rock every kind girl <3

  16. Awww yuss. 8) I was actually eyeballing these exact lenses for a looong time, not knowing if they were really as vibrant as they seemed in the advert. Reading your review + seeing the pics, though-- they definitely are. Homygosh. Haha

    Also? Love your hair colour. Also? Makeup. Ugh-- I'm just appalled by your photogenic-ness. @_@