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September 17, 2012

With My Darling Lisa♥ + Purikuras + GD CRAYON [MV]

Hi! :D

A friend of mine who I haven't seen for 6 years came to visit me and I just wanted to do a little photo post of the time we spent together! She is just like a little sister to me ♥

She stayed at my place for a week so we had time to catch up, hang out, do some crazy things aaand we were able to go for two rounds of purikuras as well as going together for her first genuine/legit Korean restaurant for jajangmyun!! 

I was quite sad though, we didn't get to take as many photos as she wanted :(
Nonetheless, Lisa, this is for youuuuuu~ 

Snaps of our purikura:

Myself, Lisa & Nancy

The machine we took it at.
There was 5 machines last year, or 2 years ago, now there's only one and we can't customize it as much :(
Snaps inside while waiting for the purikura to print!
This is from Day 2 of mall time and purikuras haha
Nancy, another gooood friend of mine just had to come! The three of us knew each other for about 16 years.
It was a happy reunion ^^
We went for crepes! Mango flavored... but...
While enjoying it..
I saw it looked hairy O.o 
Hairy mango crepe..  what kind of mango did they use!? 
And all together the next dinner night we went for some Korean food:
Leftovers lol

Lisa~ She recorded a video of us that night at the restaurant but I'd rather not show it LOL

Lisa was hungry while we were up late chatting so,
one crazy thing we did was going out for double big macs at 3AM!! 
PROOF of the time.
(and why yes that is a smacking huge phone with a rilakkuma case)
We had an all-nighter, literally slept at 7AM and woke up at 12PM haha
Can you say cray?

This leads me to a song I've been replaying:
G Dragon - CRAYON

Oh gosh do I love the word crayon now.

So that's all for this post!

I'll leave you with a photo of Lisa I took of which I love ^^

'Till the next post coming soon!


  1. The hairy mango cracked me up hahahaha!!! Soo nice though 16 years!!

  2. You girls are so cray cray....but its all good...looks to me everyone had fun! I wantto try that crepe place it looks amazing!

  3. you having such a wonderful time with your friends:).i love the foods and your picture is super nice..:)

  4. yumm foods look delicious ~ and such cute purikura pics :3

  5. wow that's amazing that you've known eachother for 16 years! they're practically family ^^
    haha the mango hairs, did you finish it? XD

  6. you guys look so cute together! :))

  7. Sticker Machines are so expensive but so addictive! Kawaii purikuras!

  8. Aww looks like you had lots of fun taking purikura! :D LOL @ the mango crepe... I always cringe when I find mango hair in my mouth x----x

  9. I love the purikura you girls took!! You all look so cute~~ Hairy mango doesn't sound too good though >-<


  10. haha such cute purikura photos! I haven't taken them in ages....I miss them xD

  11. omg, that hairy mango looks creepy!!! :O
    Apart from all look super cute~~ ^3^
    So sorry to hear you have only one purikura machine left! But at least you have that! We have none here .___.

  12. I always wondered how much purikuras cost >w< would you mind telling me the price? :3

  13. Haha I was kind of freaked out when I first saw it x) Yes yes, 16 years ^^

  14. I had a great time :) And thank you ^^

  15. They are just like family to me! The bond we have is something I'd love to boast about xD
    And the mango.. yes we ate it all LOL

  16. I knoww!!! We took one together before too! Next time you come let's take another onee~

  17. We did! and ughh yesh, the feeling of hairy fruits is never pleasant >.>

  18. Thank you ^^ And Oh man the crepe tasted good! Before we got to that part it is.. HAHA

  19. Thank you! Actually it has been a long time since I did too! It was fun feeling like little posers in a booth again xD

  20. LOL It does soesn't it? ... O.O haha
    Thank you! I was sad about that, but it's true about what you said! There are apps and such so that you can make your own purikas though! You have hope!! :3

  21. It depends on the machine, they used to cost $8 but this machine shot up to $10 for just a sheet. But it's not bad if you take it with more friends :)