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September 13, 2012

*Sponsored* Tattoo Stockings//Nylons

Hallo :3

How many of you have heard of tattoo stockings!? I haven't! lol

Until I was contacted by Trinity Styles that is.. They kindly sent me a pair in the style vertical cursive print. I have seen some people wearing them but I thought "wow those are cool tattoos" not knowing they were actually nylons at first =.= But when I did find out I thought that it was a very cool idea, I mean, tattoos without the need for needles! haha

(click above for link to product)

When I received these I had no idea how to wear them, I personally really like the starry print ones but I had to work with what I got! So here are some full shots I was able to take:

These also have some more vertical cursive writing on the calf of my left leg.

Close up:

The quality of these are very good and the stretch of them are amazing. I could tug and pull on them without being anxious about tearing them (you fellow ladies with long nails must know what I mean!). 

Okay, so if you paid attention to what the the words say... it's Engrish D: 
That is the only downfall to these and I was SAO SAD. Really :(

But aside from that the stockings are absolutely awesome and I love the idea of tattoo stockings! 

You can view all their other styles here:

my fave designs:

If any of you are interested in any item from, they have provided me a code for
5% off + a free accessory for my readers: CHRISTINA

So what are your thoughts about tattoo stockings?
leave your comments and thoughts below~

I'll be back with red lenses to review >:D


  1. Hi!! looks so pretty, I really would like to have ones like these!!

  2. I really like the alice in wonderland bunny ones! And the knee heart ones!It stinks that they aren't in correct English though :(

  3. I like the bunny the best! It's cute!

  4. i've always wanted a pair of these! might just go buy one thanks to this post x]

  5. i agree with you, stockings with stars are the cutest =)

  6. i've been dying for these but they never fit me because my legs are long :( maybe i'll try these! thanks babe <3333

  7. The bunny one is so cute! Yeah.. Engrish totally threw me off the bridge =.= LOL

  8. Ohhh yay! This post was useful! LOL They have cute ones on the site, just don't get any Engrish ones haha

  9. *high five* "great minds think alike": ;) haha

  10. :O Oohhhh Monica, how I wish I could say something like that! haha But hopefully you can find ones that are long enough! Or ones that only go up to your thigh if there are any.

  11. I just bought similar looking tights in Shibuya! You should definitely come out to Japan when you get the chance :)
    Twitter: @samantha_mariko

  12. I LOVE THIS NEW TREND!!! Wah, I can't wait till it fully hits~ It's so cute, although it's quite pricey (even on eBay!). I like how you co-ordinated your outfit for these stockings ^^

  13. Oh nice! I bet they have waaay more styles over there than here!! I am so going to Japan! Planning a trip soon :D

  14. Haha SAMEEEE! Hopefully when it fully hits, it will be somewhat more affordable then :( But rock it before anyone else does :P
    And thank you! It was unfortunate that I couldn't get any decent full outfit shots though T^T

  15. naww very cute stockings dear!! i have bought alot of them too > 3 < stil need to make pictures of it ahh = ="

  16. I love the tattoo stockings trend, but I think I will stay away from the word ones. I really love the stars though!

  17. Thank you :) Oh you did? I'll see them in your posts soon then! :D

  18. HAHA yes, do stay away from word ones O.O the star ones are so pretty and have different patterns!