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September 22, 2012

"Oh, a Wedding Shoot" + さようなら、ゆり一ちゃん (´∩`。) *Pic Heavy*

でも大丈夫でしょう? だっていつか私とジェニーも日本に行く!(笑)

A little blurb for a friend~
I haven't been keeping up with my Japanese so... Yuri-chan don't laugh! haha

Well moving on,

A few days ago it was a funny day because while taking photos, people walked by and said "oh, a wedding shoot" LOL But really, it was simply that before she leaves for Japan she wanted a photo shoot for memories, and may I say formal? It was formal alright, us and our dresses and Yuri-chan with her poofy one! But most of the time we fooled around :P

So I wanted to share some of our shots together with us girls! There were so many but here are the ones I liked most:

My Fave:
Ok, now that the thumbnail photo is chosen I can go on to the less attractive ones HAHA jokes~ 
(well not really)

The beginning:
Jenny's dog named Baby. Oh sho cute :3

And my dress covered with an over-sized cardigan!
Sorry for my the dirty mirror.

We did our makeup and hair

Linda looked extra pretty and wanted me to take a bunch of pics of her (shameless) haha

Here's Jenny!

Jenny's Eyemake!

We fooled around and ate fat filled donuts D:
But it tasted pretty darn good...

so good that Jenny and I were a bit... too concentrated >> LOL 
so unflattering but that's us! haha
More photos~

And some more scenic photos by yours truly! I wanted to test out the camera some more and play around with filters
(most fave: Agfa - gives it an older feeling as well as a green tinge)
I really love this one! So proud  ( ̄^ ̄) >  *pat pat*
The park we were at:

Last but not least,
Kev and John! The guys who helped take our photos! (which btw I still have not received the ones Kev took >:[ *mostly candid*) 

Pffft they could've been in more photos with us but nope they didn't want to. And Kev didn't dress up either! Well, actually, this was Yuri-chan's second photo shoot, this time is just girls. I wasn't able to go to their last one :(

So yup yup,
We will miss you Yuri-chan! We had fun doing the photo shoot and are looking forward to seeing you again! Next time I see you I will be visiting you ;) *wink wink, nudge nudge*

That's that for this post!
Hope you liked our pics! haha

Have a gooood day!


  1. It doesn't seem like a photoshoot and I mean that in a good way! It made you guys look extra extra close and it looked like, excuse me for saying but, screencaps from a drama! haha Everyone looks wonderful and I especially like those two pictures of the males at the end as kind of like the director's credits at the end of a movie! I got a really strong movie feel from this +_+ ♥

  2. Yeah, we fooled around 90% of the time x) And there were tooons of photos but I liked these best so I wanted to share them ^^ And wowww drama screen caps! That's awesome! haha Thanks for your comment :D

  3. you all look so happy and pretty :)

  4. YOu look gorgeous in all ur pics :) Looks like so much fun!!

  5. I squealed when I read the kana and actually understood it!!! Hahaha! Everyone's so pretty!!! I especially love the candid group picture on the sharp boulders on the bank.

  6. Nice pictures! I wonder if Linda knows it's posted haha!

  7. Thanks Sara!! :D It was tons of fun ^^

  8. Yay for you!! Haha I do that when I can read something too xD
    That picture really made it look like we had fun :3

  9. HAHA I think she probably doesn't yet... lolol I got her permission though :P

  10. Lovely pictures! I love your dress and how you did your hair! ^__^

  11. Awh you all look beautiful! And that dog, OMFG SO CUTE <3
    Hope your friend has fun in Japan! ^^

  12. Thank you! (and thanks to the photographers for the pictures ^^)

  13. Thanks *^^* Isn't it!? Her name is Baby and she was making a total baby face!! haha
    And I'll pass on the message to her :3

  14. DUDEE!! Good job on the pics!! I really love them! Man I knew it, you have a photog's eye! :) Keep up the awesome posts

  15. Nice pics guys! all of you look so lovely and stunning! plus a very nice place to shoot! great job! :) baby is so cute! looks like a stuff toy xD fluffy!

  16. All of you guy look lovely!!
    OMG Baby is so adorable! Do you happen to know what breed she is?
    I'm loving the photography btw! Especially to one of the couple and the stones in water :)

  17. HAHA thanks!! I try! I'd like to take more photos though, but here we hardly go to special looking places haha

  18. Thank you! And isn't she adorable!! When they are cute to the point of looking like a stuffy, now that's something ;) haha

  19. Thank you Jing-jing~ She's half shih tzu and half poodle if I remember correctly. And thanks for liking those shots T^T It's hard trying to take a photo while crouching in heels while wearing a fitted dress LOL

  20. EDIT: Half pomeranian/poodle! My friend corrected me :P

  21. the dog is sooo cute! i love your hair! :) new follower here :)

  22. love these photos!! omg makes me want to get married even more D: i want a photoshoot with my girls!! and i love your friend's eye makeup!! pretty inspiring :3

  23. haha it reminds me of a prom shoot more than a wedding shoot! but that's so much fun that you and your friends all dolled up for pictures, man, makes me want to do the same!!

  24. All of the photos are great and all of you look amazing! The photoshoot looks like so much fun and I think this will be such a great memory to have with your friends.


  25. You and your friends all look super pretty! Looks like you had a great time with them! ^___^

  26. haha Isn't she adorable! And thank you :) Aaand Welcome ^^

  27. HAHA well once you get married your photos will look 10x better than these!! You should do one with your friends! It's good for creating memories ^^ I liked her makeup a lot too, the color combo was super pretty :3

  28. Haha true... It's not as extravagant as a wedding x) It was super fun! I think it's something everyone should try at least once :P

  29. Thanks!! The main purpose was to create fun memories :)

  30. Thank you! We had fun! (*ehem* fooling around that is xD)

  31. That's okay! You don't have to go anywhere special looking. The candid shots were the best ones in the series anyway. If you can capture a moment/pose in it's most natural setting (candid), you've done half your job. The other half is to capture a background that contributes to the picture. If there is none around, just turn the background into bokeh :P That's what I do anyway, hehehe.

  32. looks like you and your friends had a blast! i love the spontanious pictures haha!
    and everyone looks so pretty too <3