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September 20, 2012

Lens Review: GEO Edge Grey

Hey everyone,

Here's the review the GEO Edge Greys that Eyecandylens sent me so long ago along with the GEO Mari Gold Browns - reviewed here

Also, I didn't notice until today but the website stated that these lenses were a new design from GEO in 2012!

(click HERE for link to lens)

 Lens Detail:
Lens Info:

Brand: GEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 38% - 42%
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.4 - 8.6

                                                    Duration: 1 year disposable 

Natural Light

So because these lenses are a lot more on the natural side, I will rate them based on their naturalness.

The color is grey but is very dark. Unless you are close enough, they will appear black. However, in areas with sufficient lighting a tinge of grey can be seen. The design is very similar to GEO's angel series and does not make the lenses stand out too much as they can transition in with the eyes.

Diameter: 14.2mm
These may be one of the least enlarging lenses I have owned. Though there is an enlargement effect, it is very subtle and may go unnoticed.

These were quite comfortable, I did not experience much dryness while wearing them. Only when I first put them in did I feel the edges just a tad bit.

Overall: ★.5  
I would wear these as a daily wear lens. They are a bit plain and dark but are super natural and just a bit of enlargement is better than none. So these win over those clear plain contacts! These are great for beginners who are afraid of all those large lenses though. Starting small will not freak you out (lol).

Full Face:

So what are your thoughts on these? Are they too natural and not enlarging enough for you?
Let me know your thoughts!

This is a sponsored review with my own personal thoughts and opnions.
Lenses were sent to me by for review purposes. 
Discount code: THTCHRISTINA


  1. I've never seen these lenses before! They look quite cool though. :]

  2. the design looks so grainy which is interesting but too bad you can't see much gray

  3. These are quite dark...I think a little too dark for my taste but you make them look good..haha.

  4. I like how it's subtle from a far but cool up close.

  5. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  6. i think they're great! Very natural (not so much the colour for Asians, but still, as a lens, it looks good and usable for every day ^^)

  7. Nice eyes :)

  8. They look really natural but so pretty up close :O 14.2 is a good size too.
    I think I might get these :D

  9. These look just lovely on you!But I am not a big fan of this series. All of the colors I have seen haven't been very vibrant.

  10. I kind of like how dark and natural they look! But I do personally prefer at least 14.5mm diameters...
    They definitely seem great for more casual/daily wear though :)

  11. Wow that lens looks really ntural in you your looks really lovely~~

    Sakuranko BlogMy Facebook Fan Page

  12. I haven't either, not many reviews on it are found too so I wanted to try :)

  13. They are a bit dark, but that's the natural factor to it I guess :P

  14. Yeah :D I love lens designs up close haha

  15. I think they are also natural because they don't enlarge too much either!

  16. I like these for natural lenses! And yeah, the enlargement size is really subtle :)

  17. Haha I think you like the more vivid lenses ^^ Which I do too! But this is a nice change from time to time :)

  18. 14.5mm is good too, these barely enlarge, but they are good enough for me on a daily basis :P haha

  19. I have this series too XD, quite like it because it;s not noticeable XD

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