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August 27, 2012

Liquid Eye Liner: PUPA & Elizabeth Arden

Liquid liners are a must have for me.

Ever since I switched from pencil to liquid I never was able to go back to lining my upper lash line with pencil! Liquid liners are easy and quick, there is no tugging or pulling either which is great because all the tugging gives you premature wrinkles D:

PUPA Milano, Rapid Liner

This one is more like a felt liner as the tip is well, a felt tip. 
Still liquid in a way since it isn't a pencil..

Lining my eyes:

As you can see,
This one isn't super dark. I tend to like black BLACK liners but I quite like this liner because it can line my eyes precisely. To apply it is easy and there is no waiting time for it to dry. 

I use this one 98% of the time actually.

Elizabeth Arden, Liquid Eyeliner

The tip is also felt on this one however, this liner is more liquidy. So I can define this as a legit liquid eyeliner haha

Lining my eyes:

So this one is a lot darker and you can actually see the "shine" in it.
This one takes time to dry after application, not long though. But I can't open my eyes wide right away after putting this on. This eyeliner is also easy to use/apply but because it is more liquidy than the PUPA felt liner, you can create streaks in the liner - which makes the lining job not as smooth looking. Oh, and this liner does not smudge :)

Comparing the Two:
(top: Elizabeth Arden, bottom: PUPA)
 After running them under water:
 A bit of rubbing:
 A lot of rubbing:

So from the photos above,
The top liner rubs off whereas the PUPA liner just washes away.

Neither claim to be waterproof (I actually HIGHLY dislike waterproof makeup) so this is just a demonstration to show their lasting power.

Both are labelled as black eyeliners but the PUPA one seems to show up as more of a faded black/brown. 

At first I liked the Elizabeth Arden one more. But I found after using the PUPA one more, I like it better since it is a tad bit quicker to use.

Well, these two liners are ones I have used for the past few months :)
I bought these because I ran out of my previous one and was in desperate need haha 
In the end, I really liked them!

I wanted to purchase the dolly wink liquid liner but because I was in a rush, I got these two. Each one was about $20 CAD here and have lasted me for quite a long time now (approx. half a year now?) and still have plenty of "ink" in them.

So yeap! Those are my eyeliners that I have been using daily :)
Have a gooooood day everyone ^^


  1. These do look nice!I like the pen tip one less though because that is super duper brown for a black liner. I really wanna try out the Dolly Wink liner too!Everyone seems to love that liner.

  2. I'm gonna have to try one or both of these! I use liquid eyeliner alot :)

  3. I really like the look of the felt tip one, if only it were more pigmented.

  4. Haha that's what i thought when I saw these pics too! It's actually not THAT brown as the pictures show though O.o hmm funky camera haha
    And yess! I need to try that dollywink liner!

  5. I looove liquid eyeliner! Can't go without it anymore :P

  6. It's a good one :) And it's actually not as brown as these pictures make it show up as :( But at the same time, it isn't as dark as I'd like it too.

  7. I prefer felt tip eyeliner like dolly-wink because it's the most fastest and easiest to use.

  8. Oh do you have the dolly wink one? I want it D: