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August 28, 2012

Gyaru Style Lower Lashes: KKCenterHK Baby Queen

Hey hey hey!

Another post already~ So I will be away from blogger for a bit, and since it was my goal before to try and post weekly, I wanted to post more this week because... I am actually going to Cali for a week!!!    California girlswe're unforgettable. Daisy dukes, biki-- *ehem*

So KKCenterHK once again sent me lashes to review and this time they are called Baby Queen Lower Lashes in the style No. 526. Right when I saw these I thought of Gyaru eye makeup! Because, you know, usually these types of lashes are widely used on gyarus ^^

And with gyaru lashes comes my shot with gyaru style makeup kukuku :3

A different style from my first gyaru makeup tutorial.

And if you haven't noticed, this is my hair color now :(
It's no longer a fiery bright color T^T but I like this too, not as much but oh wells *sigh*

On to the the review,

Lash Info:

Brand New With Original Retail Packing Box
100% Handmade Authentic
Design By Taiwan, Made In Vietnam
Material: Synthetic Fiber
Expiration date: 5 Years

Price: USD$12.20

Flexible band, easy to manipulate
Soft fibers
Good quality 
Similar design with gyaru brands at a more affordable price @ 5 pairs per box

The only thing I'd say about these lashes are that they are glued down to the box very well. 
So if you tug on them trying to get them out, you might move the individual bunches of lashes out of placement >.<
Thus, the best thing to do is remove them with care, possibly using tweezers, gripping the clear band.

More full face snaps:


It's nice to find (gyaru styled) lashes that are pretty much equivalent to those from the dollywink/eyemazing/diamond lash lines but at a cheaper price. 
In the end I think it's not noticeable where you got your lashes at all. As long as the lashes achieve the same effect, that's all that really matters :P

Of course, quality plays a big role. But KKCenterHK has plenty of lashes, all of which are of good quality and I am not just saying this! The first pair I received from them (link to review) caused my standards and expectations of falsies to go waaay up (lol)

So a question for your thoughts:
What are your thoughts on gyaru brand/style lashes?

That's all! 
Hope you guys have a nice day ^^

*goes off to remove makeup and workout... LOL* 


  1. Aww bby you're so gorgeous in the pics :D & The lash design looks suitable for many styles, I'm running out of bottom lashes to use ;_; Thanks for the review!

  2. I've never tried lower lashes before and to honest I'm not too acquainted with strip lashes since I use individual ones. I really want to try strip lower lashes though! You look so cute with these!And the hair color is super pretty as well.

  3. im so bad with bottom lashes, teach me sensei ;D

  4. You're so pretty oh my gosh! and I never had the thoughts of trying lower lashes but I kinda want to now; they make you look so much cuter ♥ and you look like KARA's Nicole a little bit! O:

  5. Those lashes make your eyes look bigger like a doll! I heard people use make up remover to get out the lashes from the package. Is that okay?

  6. Those eyelashes look good on you. I need to buy more bottom ones.

  7. Pretty. I love the nail colour too!

  8. OMG! I want that lower lashes! *A*

  9. Ooh, the new hair colour is nice!
    And those lower lashes do look like the more expensive gyaru brands! I like gyaru style lashes, but sometimes I can't help feel a little self conscious since they tend to be quite dramatic/noticeable.

  10. Wow. Your hair colour is pretty awesome - the hair itself looks gorgeous enough.
    Anyway, thanks for taking a close-up shot of your eye makeup + lashes (now I know how to do it).

  11. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  12. The lashes look huge and really dolly like :) I think they look great on you and make your eyes pop! ^_^ You look pretty in these photos too. Lovin' your new hair color!

    Joyce @

  13. Wow these are really cute! >w<

    I've said this before but I totally love your new hair colour, you look so so pretty~~

  14. ah I love lower lashes! unfortunately I find them so hard to apply though. these looks so pretty and cute on you :)

  15. Wow Dear
    You look totally dolly!~ So pretty <3

    Love the lashes~~~

  16. I just bought a couple boxes of this brand from Taiwan! I like the crisscross ones from this brand but I also have this one too :)

  17. Awww shucks *^^* haha These are quite versatile! I even just use the front half sometimes if I want it not as dramatic :)

  18. I think individual ones are more natural though :) And lower lashes really make your makeup a lot more dramatic by 5 times haha irl that is :P You should try strip ones! They are a lot quicker to apply!

  19. Thank you ^^ It's definitely different if you have never tried them before, the first time I had lower lashes on it felt so weird and I thought I looked weird O.o haha But I got used to it and saw that it really makes your eyes look more defined and dolly depending on the style and effect you want to go for ^^

    And WOW really? I think she's so pretty :3 Thanks! hahah

  20. They make my eyes look bigger fo sho! I haven't tried that :/ I should... haha

  21. Thank you :) You definitely could get more, I know I want to ahaha

  22. haha thank you! I love metallic nails ^^

  23. teehee you could if you'd like! They can be used in different styles too! I like cutting off the thick spikey ends for a more natural look.

  24. Thank you! It's an ashy brown with no brassy-ness! (YAY!) I feel the same way about them too tbh, so most of the time for these I cut off the ends :P

  25. Aww thank you :)
    Glad I helped! haha I love looking at other people's eyemake and figuring different ways to apply makeup ^^

  26. Thank youuuuu~ I'm quite happy with my hair color, there is no hint of red in it which I've always wanted!

  27. They are kind of hard to apply ^^'' some time the outside sticks and the inside just flicks out >> Grarrr! So I had to adjust it properly for the eye shot haha!

  28. Oh wow, they must be a lot cheaper from there! I haven't seen the criss cross ones yet, I'll go take a look at them now :3 And I just gotta say this but WOW! When I saw your comment I remembered our convos on the soompi 411 threads!!!!

  29. Stina you look adorbs in these pics!! Soo proud of u by how far you've gone with ur blogs babe. U make me wanna blog and make tutorials too!!!