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July 30, 2012

Review: Heroine Make Volume x Curl

Hi hi,

So I took these photos from a while back and was supposed to post them up the other day but things happened and I couldn't :( So it's a bit late ^^''

I purchased this mascara off of Ebay and it arrived a little later because it was free shipping from Hong Kong. And just to say, I was suuuuper excited for this mascara because ALL reviews I read were non-stop praising this mascara!

Now for some photos:
This photo is not mine.

Mascara Wand:

The shape of the wand dips in the center. I find that this brush really helps in spacing out my lashes nicely and evenly. And clumps of mascara are less likely to form.

From the photo above, you can see the fibers in the mascara as well, this isn't a lengthening one, but it does a pretty decent job for that too.

Top set of photos are my lashes uncurled, and in the second set they are curled

After applying the mascara:
First photo is one layer, second is two layers
(excuse the little mess at my crease haha)

Final Result (Curled):

My Thoughts:
I really love this mascara. From the bottom of my heart. 
Though there wasn't much volume, there was definitely curl (which is more important to me btw). I could curl my lashes with this mascara and they would stay curled for the entire day without letup. I could cry, sweat and even shower and they wouldn't fall! This mascara hardly flakes or smudges either.


I didn't know that this mascara would be so darn waterproof.
If you do not like the hassle of removing waterproof mascara, I'm sad to say that this one is so good to the point that I couldn't remove this mascara off for two whole days haha I didn't even have to apply mascara the next day actually.

Heroine does have a mascara remover, but I am not one to go through the extra process of doing that. Only if I will go swimming with makeup on will I wear waterproof makeup #lazyvainbum

So here is a summary:

holds curls
separates lashes well
slightly lengthens
able to build layers
does not flake/smudge

too waterproof = difficult to remove

Aside from that,
I recommend this mascara 1000%

Maybe one day I will get the remover and try out their other mascara too, because I love this one that much. But for now, I gave this to my friend because I thought that she would love it too :3 (She likes waterproof makeup lololol)

So what do you guys think about waterproof makeup?

Hope this review helped!


  1. Great review! I will definitely check this mascara out in the future ^__^ Thanks~

  2. wow that's amazing! *O* I want to try it as well! a great review as well :) Though it scares me to wear waterproof make up especially when you're having a hard time removing it >,< anyway, have you tried removing it using olive oil? :)

  3. Wow after curling your lashes look amazing! :D

  4. Ahhh I love the effect!
    Which seller did you get this from? :)

  5. oo i use this too! i absolutely love it! but I have to agree, it's hard to take off sometimes =s

  6. omg, i don't think I get as amazing results from my one T__T but yes, i agree. this product is a pain in the ass to remove..... XD glad to know im not the only one who struggled!! may give this product another shot.. but, so waterproof D: if you come up with a great way to remove this mascara (w/out having to buy their remover) plz lemme know!!

  7. I personally do not mind waterproof make-up! I actually need a waterproof mascara if I want to have any chance of my lashes retaining a curl! I've seen a few reviews of this mascara before, and I can already say with each review I want to try it more and more ^^

  8. woah! It really adds length! too bad its too waterproof. :(

  9. Great review! I actually never use waterproof mascara's but this one looks really nice!
    I love the effect <3

  10. btw, have you tried removing the mascara with warm water?

  11. Thanks for sharing! I actually never use waterproof mascara but this one
    looks really nice , i just love the effect <3!

  12. wowww they look really really good!! i might.. because of you buy this one.. i need a good new mascara .__. lol i actually haven't bought one in years.. = = ah do you also have the ebay link? :3

  13. It really is a good mascara! Just make sure you are fine with waterproof makeup :P

  14. I did try olive oil! And it was still so hard to remove!! D: I tried warm water, cleansers.. but I gave up haha

  15. They do amazing for curling your lashes!


    There's the link :)

  17. Yeah :( How sad, but it's soo good!!! haha

  18. I spend more time on my lashes though, so applying layers and coats may help :) Plus I usually curl after applying mascara and letting it dry a bit.

    Haha yesss! I didn't hear much about it being such a pain to remove! If I do find a way, I'll announce it to the world x)

  19. Oh then this might be great for you! I gave this to a friend of mine who also needs waterproof makeup and she ended up liking it a lot!

  20. I did try warm water, and with cleansers and removers haha but nope, it didn't give up so I did instead haha

  21. It's a REALLY good mascara! But beware of it's waterproof-ness @.@ haha
    the link:

  22. Woah that mascara!! *__* I got such short lashes D: you can pretty much just coat some mascara and go, so jelly!

  23. omg, your eyelashes is so long! I'm jealousss, it might work same like majolica mascara on me >.<

  24. weee ~ thanks for the link hun <33

  25. Oooh! I've been thinking about buying this mascara, but I was worried that it might not work on me... So I'm glad I saw your post! :3 Makes me want to buy it even more lololol.
    Thanks for sharing, doll <3333

  26. My lashes are very thin though! haha And yes, this mascara is just awesome!

  27. I am so afraid of waterproof mascaras >.< haha but I think I might get the dollywink one you reviewed! Because it's easier to remove :P

  28. Glad this helped! I find this works really well, my friend loves it too! Just be weary about it's waterproof-ness @.@

  29. Man this makes your lashes look AMAZING!!
    Can't wait to try out my Heroine mascara now after reading your review :D
    Thanks Christinaaaa~!

  30. Thanks! haha And I tell everyone to beware of how difficult it is to remove, but other than that, this mascara is awesomeee!

  31. Hey, this is a really late reply, but I came across your blog whilst browsing Soompi. I've sworn by Heroine mascara for years now because it holds curls so darn well, and the only thing that I find can remove it are oil based make up removers. The L'oreal one ( is great for removing it, just put some on a cotton pad and make sure you hold it over your eye for 10-20 seconds and it literally dissolves it right off xD You might have to repeat it once more but it beats having old mascara on for days :)

  32. Oh wow, so you found something to remove the mascara! It's true that this mascara is really good at holding curls so thanks for letting me know :D