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July 12, 2012

Review: After-Bright Long-Short Luxuriant Eyelashes

Hi ^^

I have had these for quite some time now and finally will be reviewing them. I took these photos along with my review of the Tofi Blue lenses btw! Thanks go to KKCenterHK for sending me these lashes. They have a huuuuge selection of lashes (of which, plenty of their products have reviews) so if interested, check them out :)

Lash Info:
Brand New With Original Retail Packing Box
Ten Pairs In Box

Luxuriant Front Short - Long tail Design

Inner Part Of The Eyelash  :Around 1 cm

Middle Part Of The Eyelash :Around  1.3 cm

Outer Part Of The Eyelash : Around 1.5 cm

Materials : nylons artificial fibers

100% Handmade and Authentic 
Import From Taiwan And Made In Vietnam
So I was very excited to recieve these because they are the long-short style, which means that the ends are longer than the front. And I am very drawn to these types of lashes and those which are fuller at the ends.
As you see, the lash style is short to long. Thicker ends are a clear plus for volume!

These lashes are handmade and the quality is very nice, the stem of these lashes are very flexible and you can shape them prior to applying glue, which makes mistakes and a hot mess of glue a lot more avoidable. 

Lashes Applied:

From the photo above, you can see just how long the lashes start off, these cannot be placed near the front of my eyes if I want them to blend in. Thus, I applied them further out, closer to the center.

long-short style
thicker ends for volume
flexible and thin band
soft and light for comfort

very long
beginning of the lashes also start off long
must wear heavy makeup for better results

Truth be told, I didn't expect the lashes to be so long!! I was so surprised and just blankly stared at them when I opened the box! Really! I didn't know how to pull off such long and 'luxuriant' lashes D: It was a mistake of mine that I didn't check the measurements beforehand, so be sure to not do that too! Gosh, I felt so silly, especially since the site has all the information on there too =.=''

But, I found a way...
Go big or go home baby B)

So I will be putting together another gyaru inspired tutorial using these falsies *stay tuned!!* 

Link to Lashes: HERE
Discount code: tht-christina for 10% off

A Question for your thoughts:
What are your preferences on lashes? (Style, thickness, lash band etc.)

Will make another post soon! I have finally found a practicum office so I will probably be busy for the next two weeks. Just letting you all know ^^ Oh and I fixed up the blog just a bit, not too different but the background isn't all funky anymore haha

Have a nice day!


  1. i love the natural lashes from the eyecandy lenses shop,
    they are natural and the curve of the lashes is perfect too ^^

  2. Ooh, they really ARE long! Haha, but they're super pretty! >w< Thank you for the review!
    Um, I like criss-crossed lashes that aren't as long as these ones, haha~ ^3^
    I like your new blog header, it's cute and stylish! ^^
    I'll be waiting for that gyaru inspired tutorial! ^^

  3. So long and extravagant~ it looks great on your photos ^_^

  4. I love feathery, thick, dramatic lashes!

  5. Haha in person they look even longer! And thank you! I liked the combo of smoke and feathers lol
    Yes yes, please wait! I can't guarantee it will be soon, but I will work on it ^^

  6. And you pull them off! I like them too, but i can't match it with the type of makeup I wear usually :( But if there's a night where I can go all out... Y'know how it isss ;) LOL

  7. wow they are so long! Loving the new blog layout by the way! the feathers look really cool xo

  8. Wowwww, these lashes look so pretty in the box! So long and fluttery ^^
    I used to like voluminous lashes but sometimes they make my eyes look smaller, so now I'm trying out more natural lashes! But knowing me I probably won't stick with them for long, lol.

  9. "Go big or go home baby B)"
    You really made me laugh with that xD

    It's right that the first think I had was "Wow ! So long !" *.*
    In fact, I really would like seing how it is but with your full face. I think it'll be better to know exclactly.

  10. I love your lenses omg!! so pretty! and I kind of agree that the lashes are a little long :( But I still think you pull them off well!

  11. Thanks! They are suuuper long :O

  12. Haha yes, yes! I find that too actually, some lashes overpower your eyes :(
    I like all sorts of lashes, natural too! depends on how I feel :P

  13. Haha glad i made you laugh!
    That's what I thought right when I opened the box... I didn't know they'd be so darn looong! I have full face photos, but I plan to use them for the tutorial :P

  14. Haha thank you! They are long, I had to find a way to wear them! >.<

  15. I love that these look so voluminous. Why don't you trim some of the lashes off the ends? They do look very long, even by gyaru standards. They do give you a cute cat eye effect though :D

  16. ;3
    In fact, even if it's so long I don't think that's something bad. That can be pretty so I really look forward to see your tutorial =D
    Um... I was wondering. Did you have a problem with your comments ? I posted one with the other post when you did shopping (xD) but I can't see it anymore xD My poor little comment XD

  17. These lashes are so pretty and I love your eyes *_* The lenses are really gorgeous too! <3

  18. I was thinking of trimming them, I hope they won't look awkward/blunt if I do haha

  19. Yeah when I changed the blog something went wrong with my comments :( I want to figure out a way to get it back to normal, the emails I get each time a person comments isn't like before either T^T

  20. You want to remove disqus ?
    When it was update I had a little problem too but only because I didn't receive the alert anymore =/
    Now all is fine. I like how it is. More simple I found.

  21. You really have the prettiest eyes christina~!
    Hmm i prefer criss crossed lashes.. Hmm I rarely even wear falsies since most of them are so thick and long that I look soooo different haha and I think thats scary XD

    Have fun with your practicum ^^

  22. I love kkcenterhk false lashes! :D you're eyes so pretty ;w;

  23. wow these are definitely very long! probably save them for a really dramatic makeup look. can't wait to see your gyaru look :)

  24. I have a favourite style from Model 21 lashes but I can't remember, they're natural looking but fuller than natural. I like wearing demi lashes so they look real. I FOOL EVERYONE MUAHAHAHAHAHA

    These are really cool though, they would work so well with some sci-fy look... lol I think I have aliens on the brain. ><

  25. i have never tried fake lashes i am not so good with make up but i really should try sometime, also your eye color looks so cool


  26. These lashes look great!! These lashes create such a sultry sexy eye look.


  27. woooww these lashes look SO dramatic!! .___. hmm i think maybe too dramatic for me, my eyes itch when i look at them hahahaa ~ but they look really good on your eyes tho :DD

  28. Wow, such gorgy lashes! It's so long @___@ But it looks good. Especially maybe for cat eye look!

  29. ZOMG!! I love the lashes!!! :D it looks sooo long and very dramatic! :) looks good on ya Christina! :D
    love it! I miss doing eyelashes reviews for kkcenterhk already :(

  30. Aww shucks :3 Thanks Jessica!
    I like cross type lashes too, but recently I have been into these styles more and more! And I find that with some falsies too, they are too thick and long to wear everyday.

  31. Haha same! I like their selection and quality! And thank you ^^

  32. Super long!! And these should be paired with dramatic makeup, thus gyaru :P

  33. I like demi lashes for that reason too, plus they won't overpower your eyes. LOL Yes keep fooling everyone ;D Oh I know you could totally pull these off with a sci-fi look!

  34. Haha thanks! And you could always try some natural ones first for starters :) You get the hang of them after a while too ^^

  35. Yes Yes, sulty and sexy ;) Especially with their fuller ends!

  36. Don't they? :P LOL they itch? I guess so actually, because of how thick and long they are!

  37. Suuupa long! Oh yes, I think a cat eye would look real good with these too :D

  38. Thanks Rhea!! And I wouldn't blame you for missing these, they have such nice lashes in their shop!