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July 10, 2012

Collective Haul + OOTD + I. Fairy Tofi Blue


I'm not going in depth of what I purchased over the past few weeks, but I do plan on taking more ootd photos though. So I'll be wearing these ^^

Basically what I bought was coach bags(my mom loved the brown one so much she wanted one too, but I didn't want her to have the exact same one.. so she opted for black haha), sheer tops, floral tops, a skirt, dresses, a floral wallet! some hair accessories, makeup, two pairs of flats(one of which is floral!) and a wig... LOL I haven't recieved the wig just yet but I am so excited! There are certain products and items I do plan to review soon which should be a part of this picture but I forgot to include them.

Quick OOTD shot:
Wearing the top from the photo above!
I got this top from They also have a blog! I actually won a giveaway from them a while back and finally went over to the website and chose this top. I really like it as it can be worn casually or it can be dressed up.
Last time I checked though, this top is no longer in stock. How poopy :( 

Reviewed the gold version of these lenses: HERE
Lens Info
Diameter: 16.2mm
Life Span: Yearly
Power Available: 0.00 to -8.50
B.C: 8.6mm
Natural Window Light
Side View

I already had an idea of how these would appear as I had reviewed the tofi gold lenses already. And like the gold ones, these too are vibrant with a very unique design. The blue is a very pretty true blue and there is a nice halo seen despite the black ring there.

Diameter: 16.2mm
I will make a post further on diameters later on. But for now, these are stated as 16.2mm and so a clear enlarging effect is given.
These were comfy in my eyes for quite some time before feeling the need for eyedrops. But for me personally, I.fairy lenses always seem to do well for comfort.

I like these! I prefer these over the tofi gold lenses. They are on the unatural side though, so I'm not sure of when I'd wear these out. Oh how I wish they had more anime conventions here or something T^T haha
Full Face:

Yurp, sooo that's it! I'm still freaking out about finding a practicum office, and I still have a bunch of posts to put up, my blog is being all funnky with the music and background so I will be working on a new layout. AND I have been dying from the hot weather lol

Have a nice day!

So just in case anyone wonders (a.k.a disclaimer):
these lenses were provided to me by for review purposes. However, all my reviews are 100% honesty with my real thoughts on them. I do my best to take shots that portray the lenses in a realisticly so my readers can have an idea of how these lenses would look if they were to purchase. If any photos were altered I would say that I have edited them with filters and whatnot. Also, what may be of comfort to me may not be so to you as this varies among each individual. Therefore, if you plan to buy any circle lens or products based on my reviews (or any one else's!) please do so at your own discretion.

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  1. Ooh! Hehe, love everything from your haul - I just love hauls in general! >w<
    I like your lens, they're super pretty! ^3^

    1. Haha I like hauls too, and so I want to post more! But Lazy me and Busy me causes me to forget D:
      And thanks! They are very pretty ^^

  2. Despite its vibrancy, this blue looks great on you!

    1. Thank you! They are very vibrant, quite shockingly to be honest lol

  3. Great haul..I really like the printed items and those lenses are sooo blue!

    1. Thanks haha, I am addicted to prints right now x) (as you can probably tell :P)
      Aren't they!? It's so blue it's cray cray LOL

  4. very pretty lens :D looks great on you! your beautiful :)

  5. I can't wait to see you wear all of these clothes! All of them look cute~ :]
    Holy! These are crazy vibrant!

    1. Haha I went crazy on the floral x)
      And yeee buddy! These are super bright haha I don't know when I can wear them out though :/ haha

  6. Love your haul and OOTD! :)
    Wow those lenses are absoultely gorgeousss <3

    1. Thanks! And they are very unique imo, the design especially!

  7. Everything you bought looks so cute! I'm really digging the floral wallet ^^ I think the blue version does look better than the gold ones; but, both of them look really great on you :D

  8. I really love floral!! haha I agree, blue is a lot more wearable too x)

  9. Wow nice haul! :)
    XO, Mish
    PS Win a circle lens and $25 store credits on my blog!

  10. such nice outfitsss and omgg these lenses look so vibrant and amazing!! * ^* looks amazing natural on you <3

  11. Thankssss :) And these are so darn bright and pop out so much! And wow, being able to make them look natural B) I'm surprised to hear that!