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July 27, 2012

Back with New Nails + Portland Snaps + New Sponsor

Hey you all!

It's been about 2 weeks since I last posted! I've been busy working 9hour shifts with my practicum and I'm done now so here is me back to blogging!

First off here is my new new nail design!
It's been so long since I last designed my nails, and because I'm out of my school now, I can do them again! (unless I come across a dentist who doesn't approve T^T)

It's a simple design so I don't think there is a need for a tutorial :P
It's a more monotone design of mine, but I like the look and simplicity of it.

Also, I went to the states last weekend for a friend's goodbye party, there were some snaps I took, nothing too special but here they are:

 On the car on the way down to the states with my lovely friend Jenny:
We went to waffle window, it's literally a window O.o
Some of our orders :F
 This one was super savory! And boy was it gooood!
 Ehem, a friend of mine was greedy and ordered three... for HIMSELF. He couldn't finish it x)
A little giraffe wooden statue thingy at the house we stayed at.. I thought it was pretty funnyxcute so I took a photo for the heck of it.
 We went into some stores and Jenny found such a cute romper!
 We went shopping with three boys and they are awesome! They're the type of gyus who would go shopping with you and actually give opinions haha
I really liked this top:
 They had a petting shop and I just had to go in! Because I love animals :3
 Snap outside the mall, we were ditched by the rest of the group at this point T^T LOL
 At the party afterwards, my pose is so awkward..
I drew on my own cup at the party so I wouldn't lose it haha
 The next morning we went out for brunch and so we headed over to biscuits, no matter how hard I tried, what I ordered could NOT look attractive LOL
But it tastes 100x better than it looks!
 And this was from a month ago, but I was with the same people then in Seattle too but never posted these up.
We went for bubble tea and the place was super cute! They had walls covered with polaroids that customers took there!

 Our polaroids:

So that's that :)
I hope to see them soon when I go to Cali Next month!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And for some news,


I have been asked by Chloe from to review their circle lenses ^^ I accepted it so I just wanted to let you all know of this too since the reviews will be for you guys! 
The lenses I have received are the GEO Edge Greys and Mari Gold Browns.
There was also a banner they made for me that includes a discount code:

Along with the review I will do a mini one of their shop as well.

So that's it for now... I will be reviewing Heroine's Make Volume x Curl later today.

Oh, and I got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday.... all four in one shot, I am not chipmunk yet, but it's pretty darn sore and I think it's slightly swollen (maybe?) D: Solid food isn't working very well with me huhuhu TT

Well, be back in a few!


  1. Those nails are creative and pretty ^^ Looks like you had fun in "the states," lol xD. Are you Canadian?

  2. Thanks :) And yes, I had plenty of fun ^^ And You are right! I'm Canadian~

  3. You look really pretty! :)
    Looking forward to the lens reviews~~

  4. woow. u're good at nail art! i like it! ^^

  5. congrats on the sponsor! :3
    and omg those waffles look SOO good! I had some waffles myself today. so yummy~~
    and lovin' your nails! so talented! I love the color scheme! reminds me of dolly wink <3

  6. OMGZ FOOD PORN *gets hungry* Looks like you had a fun week end!
    Really can't wait for your review on the Heroine mascara! I recently bought a mascara by them on holiday too (can't remember which on coz I still need to unpack LOL) so I hope you say good things about the brand xD

  7. loves your photoss! :D
    and that nails are soo cutee <3 <3

  8. love the nails <3

  9. lovely nails hunn <3
    looks like you had a great time too! wow waffle window? i want that here too yumm!

  10. Thank you! And I plan to review the mari gold browns soon! ^^

  11. Thank you :) And yessss the waffles were UHmazing! And oh yeah! It does look dollywink haha

  12. LOL food porn ftw! I had tons of fun, staying up till 6am playing games and cards with the guys and such xD I just reviewed the heroine mascara! It's super good!

  13. Thank you ^^ And I have an amazing time everytime I spend time with the guys there! Yes, Waffle window is THE best!

  14. Ahh, I have a similar bubble tea shop in my town. hehe. Have you been to the bubble tea shop in Seattle in the "Asian" District?