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May 10, 2012

SCAM: eventvwr

Hey everybody! This is just a little heads up for you all!

Quick Summary: DON'T be fooled by people claiming to be from Microsoft if they tell you to enter eventvwr into your run box. They are scammers, frauds.. shady people who have been very successful in fooling many, many people out of their money. Their objective is to get into your system (and possibly shut it down) so you will have to pay them a "warranty" that would fix it/prevent future problems.

Last night, I received a phone call at about 8:30 pm from a lady who stated that she was from Microsoft Support Center.

Apparently my computer "sent alert messages" to their "company" about being infected.
At first, I thought ...Why would THEY call me? Shouldn't I know if my computer was facing problems? The customers are the ones who call the company about their problems.

I was only doubting though, so I continued to speak with her on the phone to see where this would go. She told me to go to the computer.

"Which one?" I asked.
She seemed stumbled for a bit then said "any one is fine." At this point, my eyebrow was raised. I asked "so...  both computers are infected?"
She goes on blabbering how both computers are connected to the same internet source, so yes, they both are. DA heck is with that? Anyways, I went onto the one I use most.

She told me to open the run box by pressing the 'ctrl' and 'R' keys. Then asked me to type in eventvwr and after clicking a few things, the screen showed some warning signs, error signs and a bunch of information signs.
run box
Let me tell you something, these people know very well where to go so that you see all these things. Especially error signs. People would freak out after seeing all these red signs poppin' up everywhere! These scammers are smart. No doubt.
But truth is, obviously there would be such signs in that section! It's NORMAL.

Continuing on,
The lady asked me to count how many error signs there was and to scroll down to the very bottom of the page. Pffft, that thing went all the way down to 2010 and there were too many "erros" so I just said "there's a lot."

She says all those errors are virus. HA. For realzz?? HA.

She passed me over to the "technician" who was probably in the same family as her.

I was pretty amused by their explanations, especially since I knew it was all baseless. So I asked questions to try and stump them. Yeah, they continued giving excused and reasons.

If you ask them for their address, they'll just make up something up.
Ask for their name, yeah they'll say "Kevin Watson" or some jazz. (They are Indian btw, so DUH that wasn't his name >> A guy on youtube posted a video of his convo with these guys and he came up with Kevin Watson for his name... LOL)

But I do understand that they do sound quite legit so many do fall for it. Heck, I believed it for a second! They sound like they know what they are talking about. But if you ever google up eventvwr, all you get are things about how people are bothered an scammed.

In the end, I was able to end the call and the man asked if he can call again. I said no, but apparently these people are persistent. If anything I'll tell them straight up to not call and I know that they are frauds =.=

Gosh, what a waste of my time. It was funny though. I also watched some videos of how people toy with these scammers by giving them a hard time back XD

So beware guys! There are a lot of fakes out there in every form and way possible!

*photos used in this post are from google*


  1. Wow o.o
    That's kinda funny tbh, the scammers out there /smh
    I never pick up the phone anymore if it's an unrecognisable number (caller ID) because we get so many telemarketers

  2. Haha yeah, I don't pick up anymore... ever lol Unless it's some one I know who calls :P