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April 16, 2012

Sugar Candy Hazel // Candy Jewel Brown

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I'm done with my practicum! So I'll be more frequent again (hopefully :X)

And I'm back with a review of a pair of lenses sent to me by LensVillage from a while back. These lenses are known to be worn by a lot of gyaru models, specifically by those of popteen ^^ 

Sugar Candy Hazel // Candy Jewel Brown

Lens Info
Diameter: 14.5mm
Power Available: 0.00 to -10.00
Life Span: Yearly
Manufacturer: EOS
Made in Korea

My photos:
Indoor Lighting
 Natural Light
Warm Lighting

The color is a true brown, there are no tints to the color as these lenses are a solid brown with a thick and defined black ring. The design is oh so simple yet the effect they give is a slight "jewel" effect. There isn't much to be said about these lenses in this area, very straight forward ^^ However, they are quite dark and usually appear like how the "indoor lighting" photo portray them, just slightly more brown.

Diameter: 14.5mm
These enlarge a lot for 14.5 lenses! The thick ring definitely is the cause of this! The enlargement effect would about the same as my 15mm ones :O

At first, they seemed to be comfortable, a few hours later though, they began to dry out my eyes. The right lens started to bother me a bit, I think it may just be that one lens though, so it may not be like this for everyone

Not my cup of tea :( I know many looove these and I think those who wear it look adorable but for me, I don't seem to love the design on myself. Maybe it is because the limbal ring is too thick for my liking and the comfort not being so high. I must say though, that these are quite the classics, I have always wanted to try them! Hopefully one day I can come across a pair like these but with a thinner ring and like... 55% water content haha ^^

Full Face:

Side-note: Hehe, nooo I didn't cut my bangs :P It's a clip on fringe that I got from Ebay! Will include it in a little haul post later on ^^

What do you think of the Candy Series?
Do you like thick and black limbal rings on your lenses?

Leave your comments for me to read on your thoughts and opinions :D


  1. Wow!! I'm surprised that you don't like them~
    They look so pretty! They make your eyes look bright and clear ^^

  2. Woww Thanks for commenting on so many of my posts! And for all the compliments as well ^^
    As for this comment, it's funny how I don't love these :P I like them on others but maybe I expected too much T^T haha

  3. I like it so much this lens and I want to buy them but I think my eyes don't look good wih them because are a light color (like green) Could you help me please?? :c

  4. Mmm I'd say that for lighter eyes this wouldn't go well because this design doesn't blend in. However, if you have green eyes then these lenses in green actually look quite cute! (and the same if you have blue eyes). If you do prefer brown then maybe another lens design would be better. Hope this helps :)