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April 9, 2012

Magnetic Nail Polish - Review & Nail Design

Another nail post! Wooo~ haha

This time, it's also a review of a nail polish that was sent to me from BornPrettyStore. The polishes that really interested me were the magnetic polishes, color changing polishes(I really want to try these :O), and crackle polishes. But I have been interested in the magnetic nail polishes the most along with the color changing ones ^^

The color sent to me is a gold/copper color which I really like because I was missing a color like this :P
To be more specific, the color I received is No. 9 in the photos below:

I have heard about these magnetic nail polishes and have seen videos on youtube so it wasn't difficult to figure out how to apply and use these. However, for the sake of others who have not yet searched about this kind of polish, here is a how-to.

1. Apply a coat of polish to your nails. Try your best to keep it to one coat, doing it fast as well. You could choose how thick or thin you would like the color to appear as.
2. Quickly hold the magnetic plate over the nail, about 2-3mm away from the surface, for about 5 seconds.
3. Apply top coat and done :)
[source of photo]
Magnetic effect is seen in thicker and thin coats of polish
 Dries quickly
Has a sheen color to the polish, enhancing the magnetic look 
Different magnetic plates for different effects
Easy to use

Must be quick to hold the plate over the nail
Inconsistent achievement of effect (it doesn't show on some nails = redo)

Overall I got what I expected from this polish :) I liked how it dried a lot faster than most nail polishes too, so my hands won't feel so cold and useless for an hour... lol
There were other magnetic plates, personally I would've loved to get a star burst design! But this was a classic one too and it turns out prettily. Remember, hold the plate close to your nail, but be careful not to be too close as you might touch your nail! 

A Design for Magnetic Nails
When I first received this polish, I wasn't sure of how I could implement it in a design, I wanted the design to be seen and for it to still be the main focus. So here is a little design idea for short nails using a magnetic nail polish ^^
 I had planned to add a little gold gem at the base of the center lines, where it flares out. But I realized that I didn't have any gold gems >> And silver wouldn't match...

And finally, to conclude this post... They have many more products aside from nail polishes, so if you are curious, go check them out! Feel free to use the code 
as a 5% discount code for any of your purchases on the BornPrettyStore webpage :)

Have a nice day~ 
More posts coming soon ^^


  1. Ohh nice!
    I'm glad to see that the patterns can come out neatly!
    May consider buying them now :3

  2. They can come out really nice! But at other times... not so much >> Which is what I disliked about it haha