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April 25, 2012

KKCenterhk Handmade Glamour Eyelashes

Here is a review of lashes that were sent to me from KKCenterhk!

They are called "Glamour Eyelashes" and I'd say that these are a good mix between being natural and voluminous. One box comes in 10 pairs and the lashes have a super thin black stem.

I was excited to try these because I was actually looking for a pair that was natural but with fuller ends. I was searching all over and only found ones that were too natural or too va-voom! so when KKCenterhk sent this to me.. I felt like a little child who just got a new toy LOL 

I always get so happy when I receive things in the mail. Even if it's a letter.. I guess that is what happens when everything is always sent electronically :P

Here are some before and afters with the lashes ^^

See what I mean about fuller ends? And it's quite natural! (imo) So yes, yes, I think I will wear these if I want to add some more to my eyemake, orrr if I'm too lazy or short on time to apply mascara :D

Also, what I did notice about these when wearing them was.. I didn't feel them. To me, that means something good. Because I have tried many lashes and all of them weighed down my eyes. I got used to it though, and no longer felt "sleepy" when wearing falsies. However, this raised the bar for me and my lashes.

So here are my thoughts overall:

Natural & Voluminous
Short at the front, longer and fuller at the ends
Easy to apply
Super light
Flexible band, easy manipulation


Full face wearing the lashes!
That was just an excuse for a face pic spam! Trololol~
A photo of me taking a picture of myself, reflected through the Ipad B)
KKCenterhk offers A LOT of other lashes, and more than just lashes. So if you are ever interested in what they have, here is their website: CLICK

Also, if any of you would like to purchase anything from their store. 
You may use the code tht-christina to knock off 10% from your purchases ^^

I leave you with one last photo showing my hair length :]
ugh, I know. I do the same kissy lips too much >.<

Moar posts coming~ I got a load of drafts saved, be prepared >:D



  1. Oh wow, those lashes are super nice!
    I only have the Eyemazing lashes and they are abit heavy so I can understand where you're coming from about the whole weighing the eyes down!

    1. I want eyemazing lashes :O haha They do look like they'd be heavy though haha

  2. Wow i envy your lashes (i meant your real lashes) mine's so short so I solely depend on falsies. Hmm but I havent worn any falsiws for almost a year now all thanks to school and work. Anyhoo I might consider this falsies. Thanks for the review and the diacount :)

    1. I'm glad that this was useful for you ^^ And there ain't no problem with using falsies! :P