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April 23, 2012

Everyday CatEye

Hi :D

Here is a tutorial for an everyday cat-eye look! Simple with clean and crisp lines. 

Technically, this is also an everyday look of mine, just minus the falsies. I never considered the way I do my eyes to actually resemble "cateyes" but with the flick and wing going on there, I guess it is ^^;; Also, my eyes naturally slant up at the ends, so that contributes to it looking cat-like too.

I made this super simple and guess what.. the font is bigger! LOL So you all don't have to squint anymore :P

I am still going to post up another cat-eye look for what I wore in my I. fairy Jewels Blue Review, which is a more dramatic cat-eye. I will be reviewing the lashes I used for this look as well. So stay tuned! Wuahaha

*Psst* If you haven't noticed, this is actually how my eyes were done in the last circle lens review (Sugar Candy Hazel // Candy Jewel Brown) Sooo if you would like to see how it looks full faced, click on over there ^^

Until the next post,


  1. Cat eyes are so difficult >_> I've tried sooo many times, and I can't get it T_T

  2. It's just the little flick at the end really! So if you just line you eye(#1) draw a angled line(#2) then connect! It takes practice, but later it becomes second nature to do haha ^^