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April 2, 2012

DollyEye Natural 3 Tones Grey

Hello, hello~

I have been trying to figure out what's wrong with my blog recently because every. single. time!! I click on my tabs above(the home/about/contact etc.) and comments links, a new tab opens up .___. It's so frustrating! I know that my music play automatically so I have to shut it off, and when I don't there are two songs playing at once =.='' So sorry about that guys! I'm in the process of figuring it out. 

So if any of you know how to deal with this, please do help a fellow girl out.

Okie~ back to what this post was meant for, here is a lens review for those of you who wanted to see the Natural 3 Tones Grey from LensVillage ^^ 

Lens Info
Power Available: 0.00 to -10.00
Diameter: 14.5mm
Life Span: 1 Year
Origin: South Korea
Manufacturer: Dueba

My photos:

Indoor Lighting
  Natural Light
  Side View
Ugh, that clump in my eyelashes bother me >> haha

The color is absolutely lovely! The grey is natural but at the same time, is a lot more lighter than what i expected! I think these are quite similar to the Neo Cosmo Glamour Series, a design I really like as well. The pixel print and center burst help the lenses blend into my dark brown eyes so that it achieves it's natural appearance. The design can be clearly seen in the photo I have taken of the lens itself. You can see that the design includes a limbal ring and that, once again, the entire design is composed of tiny pixel prints.

Diameter: 14.5
If you are looking for enlargement This is not it at all. These do enlarge your eyes, but the amount is really small.

These are comfortable, but the only thing I must say is that my eyes dry out more quickly with these on. However, I do tend to have drier eyes when wearing contact lenses, so it may differ for each person. Nothing eye drops cannot fix ^^

I would like to try the rest of the colors in the Natural 3 Tones Series :) These are seriously the first pair I've owned that actually look like the model's pic! I thought that these would be natural in the sense of them being dark, but I was very pleased when I saw that these were actually light! These might be the best natural lenses that I have owned/seen, I really like them, even despite the fact that they do not enlarge much. So I am going to say that they deserve five stars!

Full Face:
I tried red lips for the first time... I wanted to join the trend! hahaha

I'm starting practicum today, so I can't promise consistent posts T^T But I have a few in draft mode that I'd like to publish soon :) 

Heading off to the dental office now~ 
Have a good Monday everyone ^^


  1. You have many Circle Lenses posts! Thank you for sharing your reviews :)

  2. Yes I do :P And thanks for your comment, it's nice to know they are helpful :)