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April 28, 2012

Circle Lens & Dramatic CatEye Preview

Happy Saturday to you all!

Here is just a quick preview of future circle lens reviews by me ^^ Just so that you can look forward to more reviews and know which ones are coming up!

The lenses that will be reviewed are:
You may click on the lens' names for their links&images.

And more that are not part of the first two photos:

I have actually reviewed the Pop. C Dark Browns before, but by accident, deleted the post (grr human error >.<) So it will be more of a... re-review. Yussss if you have noticed, I will be reviewing gold lenses! Oh em gee! So excited!!
*happy dance*

Also, I decided that I wanted to try the green jewel lenses because I loved the blue ones so much <3 So I can't wait for that too!
I am excited to review them! Are there any here that interest you?

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Now for the preview of my next tutorial!
Dramatic Cateyes 
Lenses worn(L-R):
Top - EOS New Adult Grey, Dm-23 Kira Kira Green
Bottom - I. fairy Jewel Blue, Puffy 3 Tones brown // Shinny Brown

reviews for lenses may be found HERE
Have a good day! 
I'm off to go play in the [nonexistent] sunshine~ haha


  1. I'm excited to read your review on the Casper Blue and Jewel Green!
    I bought the Jewel Blue after your review and loved them! :)
    I bought the Keizen Gold(or is it called Blue?) but was disappointed. Hopefully you'll like the Violet.

    1. Oh really? You were disappointed? Was it too dark or something like that? GAH T^T I'll see *sigh*
      And did you already receive your jewel blues? :O

    2. Yes I was disappointed, my grandmother noticed them right away but they were too dark for me imo. :(
      I am really debating whether or not to start a blog to review them, but I'm iffy because I've never blogged about anything before lol.~
      Maybe the violet will be more noticeable *has hope*
      && YOSH! I LOVE them! :D
      I'm thinking about ordering the I.Fairy Green and Gray. :)

    3. Aww that's too bad :( See!? that is why model pictures are SO deceiving sometimes >.<
      But I'm so happy that you liked the jewel blues! I feel like my review actually DID help you know? haha
      I have the greens and am opening them next, so you can see if you like them too :3