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March 2, 2012

{TUTORIAL} Pink&Rosy

I'm back with another nail tutorial~~ :D
My galaxy nails chipped since a week went by, so I did my nails again! kekeke

As requested by a lovely reader, I made a new design ^^ And it`s 

This tutorial will be slightly different though. Because I like nail designs where not all of the nails look the same, some have slightly different designs but overall they go together :3

So in this tutorial I will be showing you two different designs and you could mix and match them!

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Paint your nails with a background color of your choice.
I chose a BABY PINK and WHITE ^^

To create the two colored nails with the curve, here's an easy trick:
Wait for the background to dry.
Take a paper hole fixer(I don't know the correct term for it xD) and place it at the base of your nail.
Paint in the area above it then remove the sticker!

Like so:

I will show you how to create the roses  :)

1. Make a diamond pattern of dots, additional to your background.
2. Make a dot for the center of the rose
3. Paint three triangular lines around the center dot
4. Create another three larger triangular petals, you could add more if you'd like
5. Not the same finger but, I wanted to show how adding some leaves would look

With these roses, you may create them in different sizes and overlap/arrange them however you like. This is how I did my thumb:

To easily create polka dotted nails:

1. Make a center dot
2. Dot on four more around the center in a square fashion
3. Continue creating dots with appropriate spacing between them
4. Add some glitter~

That is basically it! 
Using the two designs, you can do your nails however you want ^^
Here are both of my hands:

I didn't clean up around my nails yet though, so it's not as clean as they should be :P

What do you think? I'd say that it is such a girly and fun Pink&Rosy design~ 

Hope you enjoy ^^

P.s I`ve been reading your comments and entries for my giveaway and many of you are so sweet <3 I wanted to reply to the comments! haha 
Well, a wack of circle lens reviews are coming up! And I plan to make some more makeup tutorials :) 
Also, tonight there is an 80`s themed dance party(with modern music of course xD) that a friend of mine is hosting, so I`ll see if I can snap any decent pictures x)


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  1. Those are so so pretty! ^^ I love nail art~ but to be honest I'm pretty lazy when it comes to mine. I just go for something simple that LOOKS like I put a lot of effort into it...kekeke