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March 7, 2012

REVIEW: Grang Grang Brown WHC-244 & Choco HC-246

Why hello there :3 
I'm just in such a happy mood today! Since it's sunny LOL I've been sunshine deprived for too long D: So if I sound happier... than I usually do (lol).. just don't mind me ^^;;

I'm here with a post reviewing the two GEO Grang Grang lenses, sent to me by ^^ These are also the lenses that you could win in both my giveaway and LensVillage Blog's Giveaway
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There are two designs and both come in two different sizes, which I am so so so grateful for because 17.0mm and even 15.0mm kinda scare me off :S In this review I'll be talking about each design, one in a bigger size than the other :)

Anywho~ Here is my review!

I figured out what that "B" is for!! It stands for big :3
You know, since there are two sizes for the same design.
Naked Eye
Window Lighting/Natural Light
Side View
Florescent Lighting 
D: My eyelashes kinda fell when I put these lenses in because of tearing up lol

They are a honey brown color and make your eyes lighter. The design makes it so that if there is a halo, the light brown peeks through, adding a crystal-like look to your iris. These are very natural as well so they blend in well with my eyes.

Diameter: 15.00mm
Well, yenno... It's called "Big" for a reason. And they are! They are huge! But I say that a lot ^^;;
I am so glad that the grang grang browns were sent to me rather than the choco ones. Because these do not have a dark rim, the enlargement isn't frightening and doesn't make it appear too out there.

These were super thin when I poured them out of their vials.. the thinnest lenses I ever owned. I thought they were going to be too flimsy to even stick in my eye O.O haha But all was well :) The comfort level of these lenses were not outstanding but they were quite comfortable.

I like them ^^ But of course, if I had these in a smaller size, I think it would be love kyahahaha!
They are great as every day natural lenses that brighten up your eyes. These are one of the first natural brown lenses I've owned(aside from the choco grang grang lenses :P) so maybe that's why I like them so much.

One full face photo:
D: I don't know why but I just can't rotate this photo!
Hopefully this is still alright though :(

No Lens
Window Lighting/Natural Light
Side View 
Indoor Florescent Lighting

The color of these lenses are a chocolate brown and also blend in well with my eyes. They do make my eyes appear darker and rounder as the rim of the lenses are darker than my natural eye color. As for the design, it looks like many tiny shards of thin crystals, very pretty in my imo ^^ Too bad you can't see them more clearly when worn though :( But they do give a glossier effect to your eyes. 

Diameter: 14.2mm
These are more like it :) I have always preferred smaller sized lenses, and I probably always will :P The enlargement is very subtle but still make a difference. I rated this a 3 only because in general, these are quite average in terms of enlargement.

These were super thin as well, so I did not feel them at all. I am pretty sure that I have dry eyes when it comes to contacts though .___. so my eyes did dry out after 2 hours or so. I need to get me some of that Lychee eye drop solution >:)

I like the Choco Browns as well, GEO did a good job in producing the grang grang line. I could wear these out knowing that others won't think my eyes look huge and well, googly? haha If only they didn't dry out my eyes T^T
Also, these are a good opt for black lenses if you don't want to look like someone without a soul. (I had black lenses before and that's what people told me :S)

Face spam time!
oh em gee. My hair ends D: LOL

So just to compare the two designs and the enlargement differences:
(I was also curious xD)

What are your thoughts on the Grang Grang Lenses?

NOTE: Uhhh yeah, I noticed I went overboard with the water marking xD It was my first time being able to do that so I kinda went crazy there, I apologize. LOL I'll make sure that won't happen again... haha
Also, if you guys ever have any feedback for me, please let me know! I want to improve on my reviews also for you all as well ^^


  1. Wow I really love the light brown one, it looks so pretty on you! And do Gothic Violet soon! I live vicariously through anyone who wears them because they look dumb on my naturally green eyes 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

    1. Thanks ^^ And I like the browns more too! I think I was really influenced by people's likes though x)
      I am not sure when I will open the violets, but I will for sure! And having green eyes is so nice though! Naturally beautiful in color :3

  2. I love the choco ones! I actually bought them after seeing your pictures of them :)
    Although, I do wish I bought the big ones instead of the 14.2mm ones. But they were my first pair of contact lenses, so I wanted to make sure I could actually put them in haha.

  3. Oh I'm glad you liked them! And now that you know how big 14.2mm ones are on you, you could choose the bigger ones now without fear at least x)

  4. hi it's me again! the one who purchased the grang grang chocos!
    i was just wondering if you've seen/heard of the geo xtra bella series and what you think of them even though you haven't bought them? and if you would consider purchasing them? lol :P

  5. Hey there! I've seen them before, I think they are really cute and dolly! But for me personally I think I wasn't ever too drawn to the lenses. They are a bit dark since the design is mainly black and too enlarging for me :( But of course this differs for each person, if you like them and want to give them a shot, why not? :P

  6. unnii your lenses are sososo pretty
    i was wondering.. which lens are you wearing on your top photo of yout website?... >.<
    thank you~~

  7. I like both ^^ Very natural!!!