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March 4, 2012

[Review] EOS G-307 Gothic Green + Natural Waves

Hi hi! :)

So I`ve finally opened up my Green EOS G-307 lenses! I actually bought three of the gothic series from a little circle lens spree I had a while back(turquoise - but I think I have been sent the saphires, green and violet). I have yet to open the violet one though :P

EOS G-307 Gothic Green

No Lens
Indoor Lighting
Window Lighting 
Side View 
(Ratings are all out of 5)
The color is dark, I already knew that these would end up like that though, after opening the blue ones T^T People could tell that they are colored but it`s not as pretty and light as the modeled pictures. However, if you are looking for a natural and subtle design. This is it. I didn`t purchase them for that reason though >.>

Lens Diameter: 14.5 They enlarge naturally and give off a little halo effect. I am okay with all lenses in this area, but for those who like the dolly eyes look, this might not be what you want.

I did feel a little dryness as time went by, otherwise, they were pretty comfortable. 

Overall: .5
I am pretty disappointed :( But I already knew that I was going to be after the blues let me down. They are pretty though, don`t get me wrong! It`s just when you buy something expecting it to be well, different, that really makes you unhappy. But I would definitely recommend these for natural color and enlargement.

Well, I`ll try for some different makeup looks to experiment, maybe I`ll have a change of heart.

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On to the
Natural Waves~
For the past month, I have had wavy hair :D

It's really simple and requires no heat! 
I do this after taking a shower ^^ Either at night or in the morning. 

First I blow dry my hair until it is about 80% dry. 
Then I do section my hair into four parts, putting them into buns.

Like so:

The longer you leave the buns in, the more curl you will get.
Usually when I sleep on it, I look like a poodle the next day O.o But then the curls die down after.
You could also keep the curl shape by adding mousse to your hair before twisting your hair up. 

When my hair dries I unravel the buns so they look like this:

I then brush through my hair using my fingers, I also use a hair dryer if my hair still feels a bit damp/cold. And then the result is a natural wavy style!

YAY! Wavy hair without the damage B) 

My hair is getting longer, but not long enough >:D I want it to reach my navel with a straight cut, no leaf/v-line because I've had it like that for ages.

Yeah, I guess this wasn't much of a tutorial or anything xP 
But I just thought I'd share ^^


  1. Hi where did you get your gothic 3 tones lens green?

    1. I got them from fotdlooks-shop when they still had a website. Now they just have an fb group. But has these too:

      You could use the code 10THT to get a 10% discount ^^