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March 24, 2012

FOTD&OOTD + New hair Color: Feria Violet Soft Black

Hello~ Wow, I'm on a roll with these blog posts :D haha
It's been super nice and sunny these past two days! Spring finally came to rescue me! I'm a Spring baby btw x)

So I haven't posted an OOTD in quite a while, 
here is my FOTD and what I wore today:
I don't remember where I got my things but I'm really loving this top ^^

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I colored my hair with a soft violet black. Here it is~

Bathroom lighting, my hair was tied up in a bun when I took this,
so it looks more purple here. Yay! 
However, It's more dark irl and in the sun it looks mahogany.

Pretty natural and well, normal. So nothing too special there x)

I just wanted to darken my hair because it was so uneven in the back (my friend was totally on my case about it) and my roots were growing out. I also plan to dye it lighter in the summer so I wanted to give my hair somewhat of a little break from the touch-ups.
I was thinking of just coloring it black. But I thought, why not give it a little purple tint :D
So there you have it ^^

L'Oreal - Feria in Violet Soft Black

I bought the hair dye from a local drugstore, and I know.. that usually the American drugstore hair dyes just do not turn out well on me(personally). But hey, as long as it gets it even and dark, I'm fine with it. haha

So here are some photos of what the box claims:

Before&After - Results
I colored my hair with Palty's Milk Tea Brown.
The second photo is more accurate to my hair color before.

*Sorry for the oily hair :X I need the natural oils out before dying my hair.
Once again, it is darker irl! 
The third photo is the closest to how it usually looks. The other two are a bit lighter than the real appearance of my hair.

Actually, my FOTD&OOTD photos show my hair color the best, plus the photos from the Kira Kira Green Review ^^;; 

It didn't turn out like the box said it would >>  But I already knew it'd be like that. 
My hair was even all the way around, which I am happy with. Also, it got darker too ^^ Time to let my hair have some rest before the dying process in the summer again!

Does it ever turn out right for you guys out there? Or is there something about Asian hair, how it is usually more coarse and thick? That's what I've been told since a long time ago anyways :S

So yep! That's my hairrr... for now :P


  1. So so pretty! Looks perfect~
    I have a similar top =P

  2. was the regrowth obvious after you dyed your hair with this color?

  3. The regrowth was not obvious, but as I did have a brown color underneath this purple color did fade a bit so my hair became lighter than these pictures. So if you have a dark color already, root touch-ups aren't something I'd worry about :)

  4. Hey, where did you get the violet black color? :) I love your hair color :)