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March 12, 2012

[Diet Update] I Need to Get Back on Track...


As the title says, I really need to get back on track T^T

So, what had happened was... I got sick. I caught the flu mid February and it was pretty bad for a week and then lingered on for another week and a half.

LOL yeah... 

Well my diet was fine during the entire time, but exercise was absolutely not working for me =.= Every time I tried to, I'd start coughing like crazy :( Even going on an Air Climber that we have, makes me start coughing like there's no tomorrow, just after 15minutes or so! So I was unactive. For three weeks D:
This is an Air Climer btw, similar to a stair treadmill :P
I feel so sluggish.

I need to get back into my routine. I'm going to continue on with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. That being said... I am not sure if I am going to continue on with the challenge.

I know guys! I'm disappointed with myself too T^T

BUT! That doesn't mean that I'm going to stop what I have been doing.

I've just decided that there shouldn't be a time limit or challenge because knowing myself, who knows if I'm going to stick with it. And eating really similar foods the whole time isn't working(especially since mom's home cooking is there too). Rather, I know I won't stick with the diet of the plan. I mean, I do eat healthy, it is just me snacking or eating until I am full that is the problem :(
Grrr self-control >.>

I do want to continue using blogilates workouts though.

And I will make a section in my blog solely for Diet, Health&Fitness.
There I will do weekly updates and whatever there is regarding those topics. Including any inspiration for motivation, tips I find, progress and so forth.

Also, I haven't mentioned this before but 2 or 3 years back I lost about 10lbs within 2 months.
I want to go back to that.

It was summer break and I was stuck at home babysitting my brother. So I had no life lol
What did I do?

Work out, work out, work it outtttt!

What kinds of workouts?

Bodyrock.tvTurbo Jam & Jogging

Yup, that's what I did. My diet was really clean because I didn't go out to eat and there were no snacks lying around. However, I stopped Turbo Jam after those two months because I got bored and just stuck with bodyrock. And I needed to get new running shoes(still gotta do that =.=).

I was probably at my best, I didn't actually have abs, but my friends and I could definitely feel them.

No, I want to beat that record. And I will.

Since my last update(a month ago?) I have maintained everything, it's just me being inactive and feeling lazy again. But I am going to go back to Bodyrocking and Turbo Jam. Squeezing in some pilates into my regimen as well. Don't worry though, I'm not going to do all three in one shot ^^;;

If I feel like it and I can, then I will, but aside from that, mixing up my routine works best for me as I get bored REALLY easily :/

So if any of you have tips or anything to motivate me, please do tell :D haha

I need to set some kind of set goal though. So I'd like to at least be confident with myself in a swimsuit for August. Because I'm going to California... LOL

But really, I said this before:

"This is an average girl's physical journey to becoming BETTER, STRONGER and hopefully, happier."

And average I am, both mentally and physically.
I get lazy. I get discouraged. I make mistakes.
But I'm going to make myself better if it's the last thing I do! haha
And some of you out there really do help by supporting me on this <3 So thanks ^^

Okok, now with that over with...
I decided to open my Puffy 3 Tone Browns next ^^
And I did my nails again! Emerald Green with gold. Pretty simple, but I think it's still nice.
And~ I bought some more lashes including more dramatic lower lashes and am tempted to make a Gyaru eyemake tutorial :3

That's that! Will be back soon!
Thanks for reading :)


  1. Don't blame yourself too much, getting sick does mess you up but your overall health is important too.

    Good to see your motivated, makes me feel motivated too. I've been trying to lose weight forever but I know it's mainly my diet that kills me since I love food

    Good luck with staying in shape, I feel sluggish when I slack off. Also have you tried the 30 day shred? Love that work out :)

    1. I was trying to figure out how to reply to you for the longest time! haha
      Health is definitely of great importance :) But like you, I KNOW for a fact that it's the diet too, because diet makes 70-80% of weightloss... sighh
      I have the 30 day shred! I never completed it though >.> Only finished up to lvl 3, didn't ever do lvl 3 though.. and I was so close. I should do it again :P

      And just wondering, but do you not use disqus to comment?

      Thanks for your comment! And let's work on our weaknesses and get that rockin' bodyyy! lol

  2. T_T tell me about it. I've gained like 10lbs over the past year (what the heck -.-)

    I need to get "back on track" as well. I exercise, but it's not my favorite thing to do X) even though afterwards I can't help but feel empowered >=D

    Want a tip? Eat oatmeal for breakfast. It keeps me full for soooo long ^^