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February 6, 2012

[Diet Update] Minus Two Pounds ALREADY?? + About Body Fat

Hey y'all :P I'm on DAY SIX of the 90 day challenge ^^ It's been almost a week already!

So far I have lost about one pound. Which does make me happy but then again, weight is not the issue.

I do feel slimmer in my tummy(which is really the only thing I am focused about btw :P) and my parents have said that I look slimmer too :D But I think they are just saying, because one pound is like.. nothing almost haha better than nothing though!

I've been drinking more water. And by drinking water, your body will know that it won't be dehydrated. So it will release the excess water weight = lighter on the scale. But be sure to understand that because of this, a person's weight can fluctuate as well.

And I have also been able to avoid unnecessary foods like... bread and cookies... and crackers. LOL

Following a meal plan is a first for me, and I really wanted to try following one for that very reason. And thanks to that, I have been able to control myself from munching on foods a.k.a. binge eating. So I have been able to avoid unnecessary foods like... bread and cookies... and crackers. LOL


To be COMPLETELY honest, I don't follow the plan exactly xD
I need my rice. I need flavor!!
So I tweak the meal plan a tiny bit. I understand the nutritional values of food, so I have been able to use the plan as a guide, not a solid book of rules.

My lunch today: chicken breast, salad + cooked peppers,celery,button mushrooms ^^

However, I admit it. I had a cheat day. I ate apply pie >.< And sugar free oatmeal cookies.
But a little cheat won't be bad for you, in fact, it could even be beneficial! Just don't over-indulge!!
But still, if you put carbs in front of me, I will down it. Gahhh

Fortunately there are no more cookies around to tempt me...

So in this post I wanted to speak about something else too.


Here's a little something:
When I was three days into this, I weighed myself on the scale. It said I lost two pounds.
Two pounds OFF... in three days.

SO, let me make this clear. The weight lost was definitely not "fat". 

Because it's only been 3 days. 

So what's the meaning of this!?
Well, there could be several reasons. 

Most likely it was water weight

That is why, overall, when I went to the scale at the end of the week again, the net weight lost so far was 1lb.So how does this body fat thing work?
Here are some really good pictures:

As you can see, a person's body fat percentage greatly affects the overall appearance. 
A person can weigh less but be flabby and vice versa. 

You could check your BF% here: Body Fat Calculator

*the calculator is just an estimate, to get an accurate reading, measuring tools called calipers are needed*

BUT. Another thing that is important to know is that MUSCLE also affects how you look:
They are both at 15% BF yet one woman is bulky while the other simply looks slim&lean.

The reason:
Woman A most likely does HARD CORE training, and eats a lot more than Woman B. She also must have taken protein supplements to get her muscles to bulk up like that.
Woman B takes note of her diet and is not as excessive in her workouts and probably focuses more on toning up and cardio.

However, I am sure that BOTH women strength train to become lean. So I encourage weight training with my all. MUSCLE BURNS MORE THAN FAT.
And it is nearly impossible for an average girl to get even close to being like woman A.
But don't forget that cardio and strength training are equally important!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

For any of you who would like to try out the 90 day challenge:
Workout plan: LINK
Meal plan: LINK 

If you plan to do it, let me know of your progress too! 
Having buddies to pull you through helps A LOT

I think that is enough for this post.

saying "bai bai" for those who are wondering ^^

AIN'T THAT CUTE!? I found a whole bunch and saved them to my computer hehehe
Expect to see them a lot in the future.
Words and brackets are sometimes just not enough to express my words and expressions.

I leave you with this guy:

I am no fitness professional. 
All information posted here is from my own knowledge from things I have learnt through research.


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