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November 30, 2011

Backkk :D + Luview Crystal Cover BB Cream&Mineral Pact

Long time no blog guys! haha

I've been busy and lazy with all the schooling these few weeks >.> I have midterms coming up along with exams and evaluations to keep me occupied in the meantime T^T But I'm back!
I really am not consistent am I? :P

Recent pic of moi~

I've been growing my bangs again, and I've decided that I will grow out my layers too! I want the loong-flowy-hair-with-the-blended-bangs look LOL
And since I have always had short layers and bangs, I thought that it's time for a change~
Recently I have been sporting the wavy hair look as well, by twisting my hair into buns, after a shower that is xD

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Okay, so I said that I'd review two products from LUVIEW sooo long ago but never got to it, now's the time to finally do so!

I participated in a contest a while back and won, the winners got to choose two products from their makeup selection and I chose their Crystal Cover BB Cream and Crystal Mineral Pact.

So far I have been using these two products EVERY day and I must say that I really love them!
Here's goes the review~

Crystal Cover BB Cream

Packaging: 5/5                                        
An elegant packaging for an elegant product ^^ You dispense the product by pressing the top and the BB cream comes out through the nozzle. It doesn't come out as white as another reviewer said though T^T I was looking forward to it haha

Color/Appearance: 5/5                           
It leaves a very matte and dewy finish! The tone of it is very.. blendable as one might say haha It really works in giving an even skin tone. Comes in two shades(light beige and natural beige), mine is the light beige tone.

Coverage: 4/5                                        
I'd say that this BB cream does a well job in this aspect. Of course it won't completely cover up darker blemishes, it's said that it can be applied on more heavily in certain areas to be used as cover up.

Oil control/dryness: 4.5/5                                                                    
I've used this without applying moisturizer before *accidently* and it worked just as well. So this may end up just a tad bit on the oily side. But to avoid the oily feel/look a setting powder should be used although not necessary.

Which brings me to the...

Crystal Mineral Pact

Packaging: 5/5                 
What can I say? Elegance~~ haha And like many powder compacts, this has a little flip up compartment for the powder puff

Coverage: 3.5/5               
Powders aren't known to be awesome coverups or anything so look to the photos for reference :D However, this powder works very well for setting the BB cream.

Color/Appearance: 5/5     
Very matte and smooth finishing, it does not leave a cakey feeling or make you have a cake-face haha It is on the lighter side though, and there is not another shade that it comes in(for all I know).

Oil control: 5/5                                                                                   
What more can I say? It works well! But I am not the oily skin type either so.. sorry, I am not of much help here.

Demonstration Photos:
I recently received a scar on my hand from a wonderful cat(It's my friend's, I by accident pet it like a dog -______-'') and so, I will use that scar to demonstrate how well these two products work...

The beautiful scar... 
Blended BB cream
As you can see, the scar was covered up well and the skin looks smoother and lighter too. I think using the scar is a good representation of how darker spots/blemishes on the face would be, so hopefully this was an accurate enough review!

Till next time~
I leave you... with my face xD
Wearing GEO Nudy Greys if anyone was wondering.

Random: I noticed that I can look really different in different photos... Which I personally think is kind of cool :P But I guess everything depends on lighting and angles haha
Does this ever happen to you guys too?!