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October 26, 2011

SNSD "The Boys" Inspired Look

Hey there :)

So I made a tutorial of a look I recreated, inspired by SNSD's "The Boys" MV. I was particularly interested in Tiffany's and Sunny's makeup and so the look makeup I wore was more like... a mix of both their eye looks. Unfortunately, I could not find any pictures so this was just based off of the MV alone T^T

Here is the final result:

Let's begin!

**Colors are a lot more bold, shimmery and noticeable IRL!**

ONE. I swept a light creamy shadow over my entire lid and below my lash line.

TWO. I went over my lids with a copper shadow to darken the color.

THREE. I took a medium brown shade and applied it to the outer "V" of my lids.

FOUR. I used a darker shade of brown and darkened the outer lower corners under the lash line.

FIVE. I applied my eyeliner the way I do everyday but extended the wing further than usual.

SIX. I tight lined the upper and lower water lines.

SEVEN. I lined the lower lash lines and created a mirror (lower/second) wing and re-applied the creamy shadow on the lower lid.

EIGHT. Using a black shadow I lightly swept it from the edge of the wing towards the center of the lids, sweeping it along the crease.

NINE. I cut pieces off a pair of false lashes(top) to use as long lower lashes and applied them far apart from each other. After that I put on a pair of falsies for the top.

TEN. (optional) I wore my contacts. AND DONE!

1. weird lighting, I tried to brighten the photo and this is what I got =.='' I thought it looked pretty though :3
2. With wide opened eyes :)
Honestly, I cannot name what eye shadow colors I used, all that I can tell you though is that they were from Clinique and Lancome quads.

Aside from that... What I CAN tell you:
Eyeliner: Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Gel liner in Blackest Black
Lashes: M.O.D.E.L. 21
Contacts: EOS Pop C Dark Brown

Hope you liked the tutorial! Let me know of your thoughts :)