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September 12, 2011

NAILS of the week! + the Tutorial

Hellooo~ This is a quick post of my current nails + the tutorial for the design. So keep reading! mwahahaha

Okay.. So apparently for the program I am taking in school.. I am not allowed to have long nails.. THE HORROR!!! T^T Girls have cried in my class after learning this fact but.. it's not stopping me from doing my nails! And I have been soo busy lately(and will continue to be. Sadly. "orz).. I didn't do my nails for a whole month almost! *shocked*  But I am back on track and this time remembered to take snapshots for a tutorial!

* This tutorial is only what you can call a "template," you can use whatever colors, designs and tools or materials to achieve the design you like(i.e. If you do not have gold glitter, use something else like a rhinestone or another nail color!)
** Inspired by the many Japanese mag scans

The steps.

Step 1. Cut up a piece of makeup sponge to use for dabbing

Step 2. [gold] Using the sponge, dip it(or paint on the sponge) in some nail polish of your choice of color. And with dabbing movements, create a gradient on your nail. Expect it to be messy~ 

Step 3. [red] Using a small brush, dip it in a contrasting color. With small strokes, create flower petals.

Step 4. [black] With another contrasting color, create smaller petals INSIDE of the petals that were already made.
Step 5. With an art brush/detailing paint brush, draw leopard or cheetah patterns. Do not fill the entire nail with the patterns though. (See how the patterns are more concentrated up top?)

Step 6. Using gold glitter, apply some to the center of your flowers.

Step 7. Apply a clear coat and leave to dry.


This is my first time doing a design where I do not have my entire nail covered with a background color, and I like it :) It saves you the hassle of having to paint... and let dry. SO MUCH FASTER! And gradients are the best since you don't have any "Oh CRAP! I messed up" moments ^^

Hope you enjoyed it!

P.S. I am dying my hair soon, with PALTY! So that will be up soon! And I will try and take more Outfit posts... I mean, why else would I dress up right? haha

and... I lost 4 pounds and am KEEPIN' EM OFF! Wanna know the story? Well...

I will be back soon~ Chiaoooo!