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July 27, 2011

Tutorial: UGLY - 2NE1 Park Bom *Inspired*

Hihi :)

This is my first makeup tutorial so bear with me!
I've always wanted to make tutorials and such, since it looks fun ^^ So when I watched this MV, I wanted to recreate the look. Since the 2NE1 girls always have bolder makeup on, I wanted to try it out.

This is the picture I went by. Honestly, this was the ONLY picture that showed how their makeup looked... so the tutorial is just going by what I think it would look like -.-'' On top of this being the only pic, it's DARK T^T anywho, I had fun :)

This is the final look:

I didn't have a darker turquoise, and my lighting is MUCH brighter than hers!

So here it goes...

Step 1 - Line your eyes
I did my eyeliner the way I usually do it, with a little wing.

Step 2 - Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes
I personally apply mascara before curling. Because, if I curled first, my lashes would fall again... grr Asian lashes >>

Step 3 - Curl lashes
I wait until the mascara is semi-dried before curling(with a heated curler via blow dryer :P)

Step 4 - extend the liner out and add a sharp wing

Step 5 - thickly line outer lower half of eyes
be sure to connect the upper and lower lines
** Avoid a clean straight line for the lower eyelid by sweeping or flicking the liner outwards while lining, or smudge**

Step 6 - with a turquoise(or any color really), draw a line along your crease

Step 7 - with a lighter blue fill the area below the lined crease

Step 8 - line lower lash line & touch up liner and shadow to your desire

Step 9 - add a silvery shadow to your inner corners and lower inner half of the eyes

How it looks so far:

window lighting

Step 10 - add a thick pair of falsies... and your done!
I should have waited for the glue to dry... but you get the the idea of how it should look haha

So that's all there is to it! Once again, the lighting does affect how the makeup looks. IRL the crease is darker and A LOT more noticeable than in these pictures. This look is a lot more blue than turquoise... My camera really does not capture colors well ORZ... 

Please leave a comment! I appreciate advice and any tips as I am a newbie to this LOL

Hope you enjoyed~

Maybelline New York EyeStudio - Blackest Black; Clinique High Impact Mascara
Lashes from Daiso
BH Cosmetics 88 Colors Palette
Camera: Canon PowerShot SD960 IS

July 22, 2011

Fitness Goals, Getting that Rockin' Body - Some Basics


So this is my second time posting about health&fitness. The first one was about how many people have misconceptions how what their ideal body should be. This post however, focuses more on the proper way to achieve a healthier body that suits YOU individually. These are some of the basics.

First up, NEVER and I mean NEVER starve yourself. Most of you would already know this but a lot of people still turn to this for a fast weight loss plan. But the downfall of this is that you are hurting your body. It sounds cliche but it's the truth and this also applies to when you skip a meal. The body goes into "starvation mode" and holds on to everything that you will later consume... causing you to GAIN weight as fat(because the energy from food(carbs) gets converted). This is also why drinking little water causes water retention and bloating, because the body holds on to any water you consume in fear of not getting enough. However when you drink plenty of water, the body is more sure that it will not dehydrate, thus releasing water more often... meaning less water weight = weight loss on the scale in numbers. 

But the exact same does not apply to eating. Instead of constantly eating like the cookie monster, eating 5-6 times a day would benefit, with control of course. This means being planned and healthy. Have 3 meals and 2-3 snacks. I will go into details about eating habits in another post.

Here are some basics:

  • eat the recommended amount of calories for your lifestyle and size
  • regular exercise(avg. 30min every 3days/week)
  • to lose weight as FAT, calories out > calories in(a.k.a be active!)
  • each pound of fat = 3500cal
  • take the safe route of proper diet and exercise to lose weight
  • drink plenty of water
  • eat your veggies and fruits(omgah...)
  • get your share of rest
  • stick to a proper schedule/be committed!
  • don't be too hard on yourself or you'll crack(so... a bit of cake or junk is fine once in a while :D)

Some ideas for exercise:

  • dance... watch some mv's and get inspired ^^ 1hr of dancing burns approx. 450cal
  • go for a jog/walk
  • skipping(some celebrities swear by this)
  • stretch. it's a start and if you do it properly for a longer period, you sweat. No joke.
  • HIIT(high intensity interval training)
  • light weight training/circuit training
An important extra:

Some girls think being thin is enough.. so... would being skinny but jiggly/flabby/soft look attractive? I am asking this because I know some who can be thin... and I mean THIN. Like... underweight... for example, I have a friend who has the same stats as Yoona from SNSD, but when i hold her arm... it's like my hand slightly sinks... it's not firm, it's flabby despite her being thin. I worry about her, but she doesn't take any action about this or her health. So girls out there...

A point I want to stress is that... GIRLS SHOULD WEIGHT TRAIN. Many are afraid to "bulk up" but it's ridiculously hard for that to happen. Unless your on steroids and drink supplements... LOL 
Muscles burn fat/calories 24hrs/day and uses more energy to maintain than fat therefore, burns more calories than fat. Weight training doesn't have to mean hard core weights... 5-8 lbs is good enough, actually, more wouldn't hurt at all. Plus, weight training firms up your body for that "toned" look. 

Now, not all skinny girls are flabby/soft, some look fine... and it's something to envy but, it does hit you hard if you do not take care of yourself. So BE HEALTH, please.

I think that's all for this post, if you read up to here, thank you for your time, hopefully it helped raise awareness, inspire you to work out and be healthy haha

An inspirational photo for me and possibly you:

Afterschool's Kahi. She is what I call sexy. Not too thin but toned and healthy. 

Ok... I guess this wasn't THAT long... :P

July 20, 2011

NOTD: Nude as Nature

Just a quick post to share my new nail design for this week! Nude background with flowers and leaves.

I don't use a specific brand of nail polish. I really just use whatever color looks nice haha

Tips for your nails:

  • To keep nail designs sealed in longer, add a clear coat every few days so that the polish won't chip(I don't do this though... I'd like them to chip since it means I'll have to do a new design every week or two :P)
  • To have a smooth background, LOAD the brush with polish. Don't be cheap and wipe it off the bottle's neck(well you could wipe off one side if it's going to flood...) it'll streak when you paint! Although it may take longer to dry, it will look smooth and nice, last longer and... you'll really need to apply just one coat if not two.

July 18, 2011

Mag Scan: Egg July 2011 *PIC HEAVY*

Hey there, so in my profile(about me section), I said that I am a very varied person. Which I am :) The things I like do not have to be in a specific category, rather, I just like whatever appeals to me.
For example, the music I like ranges from heavy metal core... to ballads, pop, rnb or rap. So some people who have listened to my music devices thought it was funny when they were at first listening to a cutesy-wootsy song, and when they press the next button, it was some hard metal rock song LOL but oh well, "whatever floats my boat" right? haha

Sooo... Anyways, the music I like also influences the fashion styles I like and for today... I'd like to share some mag scans of the Japanese issue, Egg, because I LOVE gyaru fashion as well <3

I apologize for just posting up a few, not all, of the pages... as one magazine would have close to 200 pages on average -.-''

July 15, 2011

Circle Lens: G-307 Gothic Turquoise Review

Here's a short and quick review,

So I soaked and tried on the lenses today and I really like them ^^ I am planning to open the pop.c dark browns soon, as some have said that there aren't many reviews on them. So look forward to it!

On to the ratings:

Design: 5/5 - The design of these lenses blend in well with my eyes and even make it look natural despite being turquoise. The brown/slight yellow burst in the center causes the lenses to look natural rather than fake.

Comfort: 4/5 - They would have gotten a 5 if the right lens didn't bother me. The left one felt like.. it wasn't even there! The right one however, seemed to "stick" to my eye and didn't feel.. well how do I put this... "lubricated(?)" haha So I felt it in my eye. Nonetheless, very comfortable.

Enlargement: 5/5 - Once again >.> every single lenses seem to enlarge my eyes VERY well... I don't have "small eyes" according to those around me but still, my eyes aren't hard to enlarge at all.

Overall: 4/5 - Very nice pair of contacts. If you want a natural blue/turquoise color, go for these. I expected them to turn up brighter, which they are when outdoors/in light, but indoors they are super natural. The only reason why I give this a 4 instead of a 5 is due to the right lens' comfort level.


July 12, 2011

Circle Lens Have Arrived!!!!

Like the title says... My lenses arrived! I am soo happy and my friend and I were overjoyed because like I said before, I ordered these in MAY. I had to wait 2 months for these and even had thoughts of them never coming T^T But they are here now!

July 11, 2011

♥ the Nightmarket + New dress (pic heavy)

So where I live, they have a little something called the Nightmarket. Yuss, it's a market by night LOL

This market is flooded with Asians and they have the BEST foods... ever heard of the hurricane potato? wuahaha >:D I always get takoyaki and taiyaki here too :F yumm...

Actually, recently they have been selling circle lens there for pretty cheap and I bought my nudy greys from there too! HOWEVER, the variety in PRESCRIPTIVE lenses is very limited. They only have 6 designs on hand with prescription T^T They do have pre-orders for other lenses though.. (Bambi series! zomgah~) But I didn't get anymore because.. well, I purchased about 5 pairs from an "EOS Buy 1 Get 1 Free" Pre-order in MAY but STILL haven't received the lens... *sigh* It's so saddening. I know that the people I ordered from are trustworthy and it's not completely under their control. But they could definitely improve in some areas. I will keep patient though... wah...

ANYWHO! I saw the most adorable dog at the nightmarket:

ahh so kawaii <3

July 3, 2011

OOTD&EOTD: Purple Leopard Anyone?

So recently I got a new skirt... and it's a PURPLE LEOPARD! The skirt was from the Bay, and it is a metallic purple, so it's not a solid color. The color is sooo pretty and guess what? The original price of this skirt was $69.99 but it dropped to... $12.00?! Yup, that's right. I didn't even realize it was that much of a sale. The skirt really catches a person's eye, it's just so pretty!


Grey cardigan - urban behavior, top - gift, skirt - the bay, necklace - suzy shier