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December 15, 2011

Review: New Adult Greys(EOS J-203)

Hello! I'm here with a review~

This time I will be reviewing the new adult grey lenses by EOS.

I've always wanted a more vibrant grey pair of lenses ^^ *happy happy*

In the vials

Color & Design: 5/5
The design is not natural, and the color is quite dramatic/bright so these lenses are super noticeable! The limbal ring really defines your eyes and makes them pop from the contrast with the inner grey color. Although the lenses are a solid grey, the pupil hole is smaller and has the tiny black lines so it aids in making it look somewhat more blended.

Comfort: 4/5
I can feel my eyes get dry after some period of time, but then again, I experience this with most lenses. Eye drops would easily fix this. Aside from that, I cannot feel them as they are quite thin :)

Enlargement: 4/5
These seem to enlarge more than the old adult series, from what I understand. Also, because this design has a black outer ring it is a given that there will be some enlargement.

Overall I am fond of these lenses. Of course, as a bright and very noticeable grey lens that is. They give off more of a mysterious look and so, when people look at you... I'm sure they'll be mesmerized xD

Here are some photos of the lenses in different lighting:

Indoor: florescent lighting
Natural lighting (1)
Natural indoor lighting (2)

 Face shots:

** I played around with my makeup too, therefore, the darker than usual makeup ^^;;

Speaking of which, would anyone like to request a makeup look for me to do? I had one for a smokey eye look and will work on doing it soon!

Of course, I am not saying I am a professional though! but if anyone has anything they'd like me to blog about, please feel free ^^

That is all for this post!


  1. excuse me but wich is the Diameter of this Lenses?? c: Maybe I will Buy, but I need the Diameter DD: Thanks you~!!! *-*