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December 7, 2011

eBay Wig + Falsies Review

Hey all :)

I changed my layout! It's not what I really want.. but I still am not familiar with all the codes and such so simple is the way to go~ for now.

A while back I ordered some falsies from eBay in style 058(LINK) because I was searching for some lashes with a sparse design. You could say these resemble the Melliesh No.1 top lashes. I really wanted to try this lash design and eBay had these for cheap! Compared to the actual Melliesh lashes anyways :P And these had 10 pairs in each box.

Well, here's how they look when worn:

Similar right!? Haha

However, the melliesh ones have thicker lashes in between the thinner short ones. It is very close though. Also, these lashes have a clear, invisible lash band which is quite thin and it isn't as curved too much either. So applying them may take more time as opposed to other lashes I have used.

The lashes are pretty comfortable, light and are not too fake looking. Not a voluminous design but if you are looking for length, this is it.

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EBAY WIG REVIEW(medium length bob)

As wigs are so popular in Asian countries, I wanted to own my own :P Actually, I was tempted to cut my hair short before but knew that I would miss my LONG(navel length :O) HAIR! So I ordered this wig online to test out how I would look if it was shorter. 

Here are some snaps with it on:

(FYI: I really dislike and am insecure about my side profile. HAHA but for review purposes...)

I ordered this in dark brown.
The wig did not come with a wig cap T^T so under it my hair is actually just tied into a bun.
But It's alright, I think I won't ever be wearing this outside anyways. Just for picture purposes ^^;;

-- All ratings are out of 5--
Natural?     ☆ (technically, 3.5)
It's a bit on the shiny side though, since it is synthetic. But if nobody knew it was a wig, this could totally pass for your actual hair. In photos, the texture looks more realistic than in real life though.

Style? Accuracy? ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 
Pretty much spot on, except for the fact that it's a bit "puffier" and shorter than the actual photo(which I am so sure that the "model" is not even wearing a wig... Since she's actually a Chinese net idol =.='') but the wig is more accurate to the photo than I thought.

Comfort? Security? ☆ ☆ 
I am not a wig expert. I am a noob. LOL it's my first wig ever that's why!
But I rate this wig a 3 in this category because... there are no clips that help secure it to your head! You could use your own bobby pins and such but many other wigs have clips sewn on. This wig does have a strap to fit it snug on your head though. But still... 3/5.

Yeap, this is a four star wig xD But remember, I am also considering the price. Which is $12.55 <-- CHEAP.
I personally am not fond of it on myself irl, but in photos, it looks a bit better. *sigh*
And honestly, I made a mistake of ordering a wig with straight bangs. I should have purchased one with side bangs haha well, I plan to one day get another one :P

What do you guys think of it?


  1. It looks super pretty on you ^^

  2. I think you look cute! I like that's it's curled in at the ends but the bangs looked a bit choppy. It looks like real hair in the picture. :) Cool blog Christina!

  3. Thank you :) The bangs are VERY blunt so I wasn't liking that.. but in pictures it looks quite nice at least xD