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July 27, 2011

Tutorial: UGLY - 2NE1 Park Bom *Inspired*

Hihi :)

This is my first makeup tutorial so bear with me!
I've always wanted to make tutorials and such, since it looks fun ^^ So when I watched this MV, I wanted to recreate the look. Since the 2NE1 girls always have bolder makeup on, I wanted to try it out.

This is the picture I went by. Honestly, this was the ONLY picture that showed how their makeup looked... so the tutorial is just going by what I think it would look like -.-'' On top of this being the only pic, it's DARK T^T anywho, I had fun :)

This is the final look:

I didn't have a darker turquoise, and my lighting is MUCH brighter than hers!

So here it goes...

Step 1 - Line your eyes
I did my eyeliner the way I usually do it, with a little wing.

Step 2 - Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes
I personally apply mascara before curling. Because, if I curled first, my lashes would fall again... grr Asian lashes >>

Step 3 - Curl lashes
I wait until the mascara is semi-dried before curling(with a heated curler via blow dryer :P)

Step 4 - extend the liner out and add a sharp wing

Step 5 - thickly line outer lower half of eyes
be sure to connect the upper and lower lines
** Avoid a clean straight line for the lower eyelid by sweeping or flicking the liner outwards while lining, or smudge**

Step 6 - with a turquoise(or any color really), draw a line along your crease

Step 7 - with a lighter blue fill the area below the lined crease

Step 8 - line lower lash line & touch up liner and shadow to your desire

Step 9 - add a silvery shadow to your inner corners and lower inner half of the eyes

How it looks so far:

window lighting

Step 10 - add a thick pair of falsies... and your done!
I should have waited for the glue to dry... but you get the the idea of how it should look haha

So that's all there is to it! Once again, the lighting does affect how the makeup looks. IRL the crease is darker and A LOT more noticeable than in these pictures. This look is a lot more blue than turquoise... My camera really does not capture colors well ORZ... 

Please leave a comment! I appreciate advice and any tips as I am a newbie to this LOL

Hope you enjoyed~

Maybelline New York EyeStudio - Blackest Black; Clinique High Impact Mascara
Lashes from Daiso
BH Cosmetics 88 Colors Palette
Camera: Canon PowerShot SD960 IS


  1. your eyelashes are so long even without the falsies O.o soo jealous...

  2. Haha I never paid attention to how my lashes were but when people started commenting on them... I guess they are! But they are suuuuper thin D: I shouldn't complain though ^^;; Finding the right mascara does the trick :)