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June 6, 2016

[ANNOUNCEMENT] A Long Overdue Farewell

I know. I'm bad (  .___.)

I feel like I left this blog hanging for so long and just disappeared off the face of the blogging world. It's been so long and I've finally decided to make a post letting those who have followed me know that I will no longer be active here.

I've lost the flicker to drive me through blogging and tried to get back to it several times. Though I did really enjoy it as well  as enjoying meeting all you fellow bloggers.. It's no longer for me. I'll leave the blog as is for reference to those who could still benefit from my past posts.

Also, I will continue to follow those I have connected with via this blog on the other social media sites and hope to see you around the net ^^

But as a side note:

I have been extremely busy with other things and have dipped my toes into the world of comic making and digital arts:

My twitter has been reborn and no traces of my beauty blogging past is on it xD

If you would like to follow me on my journey of the digital arts, please do!

catch me stream real time:

my comic:

*ehem* don't mind the first few chapters' art. I wasn't used to drawing on the computer yet ' v'

Much love to those who have stuck with this blog <3 p="">


THT Christina

September 11, 2015

TUTORIAL | Hold 'em Up

The way I do my lashes isn't the most common and I get a lot of weird looks when I do it in front of my friends, but I've got a reason! My lashes are just so freaking weak no matter what mascara I use... they fall and droop down. Having Asian lashes that point straight down doesn't help either.

there is a specific order in my makeup routine that helps me to keep my lashes up and curled to the max all day, errday.

 1. After doing my my basic face makeup I apply mascara before curling my lashes, two coats of it.
2. I do the rest of my face.
3. I eat breakfast, get changed etc.
4. Now my mascara has dried, time to curl

I gave up on even bothering with curling my lashes before applying mascara. There's literally no point in me doing that because they just fall down like in the step 3 photos (sad). Also, I like my lashes super curled and visible. The only thing with this method is that sometimes it can clump a bit easier but it hardly is a problem. If you are ocd about it, using tweezers to separate your lashes works perf.  Hope this can help any of you girls out!

Take care,

June 4, 2015

CIRCLE LENS | Geolica Euro Lady Lime Green


Color on point, I expected a darker green and it was brighter than I thought. No complaints, although I was planning on finding a pair of green lenses that would pass off a more natural look. The design is speckly and similar to the nudy series in a way which is a love it or hate it. I don't mind it at all, it adds dimension.

At 14.2mm I think it enlarges very well. I have small irises so I prefer lenses with smaller diameters. This one is just right for me.

    ★ ★  
Water content at 45% and being a 3 month disposable lens makes this quite the comfy pair. I have dryer eyes and this one is great.

OVERALL     ★ ☆ 

Been out of the circle lens loop for a while, and man, there are so many new designs now. I've always been fond of colored lenses and I personally love green. I waited until I dyed my hair an ash brown(which looks black in this lighting, but it's changed since I've made this post) to open these as I thought they would match much better than with my old brassy and grown out ombre. They are brighter than what I hoped to get but they aren't bad at all.

May 22, 2015

REVIEW | Petite Cherry

Wedding season. Tell me about it.

My girlfriend and I threw a surprise lingerie party for our friend who was getting married and it was fun finding crazy outfits and cute pieces for her. It was after already planning that, that Petite Cherry sent me a bra and panty set to review! Perfect timing actually because it is wedding season.
But even without that, a nice set is always appreciated ;)

 I don't know about ch'yall but I adore straps.
So I chose the Nicole Strappy Push Up Bustier Set in black and let me tell you, I love it.

Right when I laid eyes on them I was literally thinking "yussss I can finally have a strappy bra" because you gotta admit, not a lot of places carry this style.


I am a size 34D and the cup size of this bra fit very well. However, it did end up a bit small or tight along the back straps. Either the bra fit tighter than a 34, or I need to get me some more exercise. Mind you I am not as tiny as many Asians from.. well, Asia. The panties were also smaller than how most medium sizes fit me as well.

What drew me most to this style is the design. There is a cute gem in the center front, it's strappy, and it's lace. Love it. The push up is a bit different compared to the traditional push up bras I have gotten from American stores but doesn't feel any different when worn, plus it does it's job right so no down points.

I'd say it's very good, especially once you consider the price. A set for 30 bucks is great! This set is mostly lace which would normally bump up the price to a much higher number. The design is intricate as well and everything is sewn neatly and securely.

Overall, it's comfortable and soft. If only it wasn't as tight around the back I'd wear this to the max. But I could probably find an extender for the hooks no problem. The panties however, I ain't stopping my squats, nuh-uh (lol).

If you would like to check them out, Petite Cherry is providing my readers 10% off their order if they follow this link:
I Want Some Petite Cherry

The prices are very reasonable for a set and there are a ton of adorable(and sexy, obvi) designs!

There's also a current giveaway that runs till the 28th of May! Click HERE on their Facebook for details. They also have an Instagram you can follow.

Till next time,

April 24, 2015

Wishlist & Finds #1

Sharing is caring, right?

I like to share what I like because - as cheesy as it sounds, I like others to feel my happiness LOL
For example, when you find a crazy good anime, drama or manga that's good enough to keep yourself immersed for hours on end. I'd share that joint. Become a happy shut-in like me and enjoy it.

So that's what I will start to do on this blog!

It's somewhat like a online list for me as well. For me to get to, for me to get it one day.

I'll start off with a post with some fashion finds.

12 | 3 | 4 | 5 

I've mentioned that I have been addicted to maxi dresses, but rompers are my love. I aim to be the romper girl this summer. I'm not even joking. Overalls are like the denim version and I got a pair online as a part of a haul and it fit quite tight(Asian sizes, gawsh) and the front panel went way up higher so I didn't think it looked as flattering. But the one I found here looks promising! Both the overalls and T-shirt are from Romwe. The necklace is what I wore in my last post, gorgeous designs and colors. The sunglasses are actually on my Ebay wishlist. The shoes here are from JustFab and they are what I actually purchased for myself! I love gladiators, so much more if they go up higher. And lastly, batman... Fused with a cat? Awesome.

April 20, 2015

OUTFIT | That Maxi Vibe

Yesterday I had a photoshoot session with some friends, as the photographer, and the photos turned out really nice. Although late, we took their engagement photos. But as it was a nice day, my main and I decided to throw on some maxi dresses(the bride to be also had her maxi dress on, whut whut). It was fun and we took some hilarious shots which I'd like to share later on. I also was able to get some outfit shots in, finally.


Found this pretty little necklace off ebay. It's so darn pretty.

Honestly, I don't tend to wear maxi dresses like the one I wore, there's no shape to it. But this one was my first and it's different to what I've tried on, it falls nicely as opposed to some other ones. Maybe I'll give ones like this another shot. How do you feel about maxi dresses? It's going to be a staple in my closet for the next few months!

I posted this look as my first look on Lookbook in hopes of motivating myself to take more outfit shots! Hope ya'll can hype it up for me :)

April 9, 2015

HAUL | Modlily

Oh the online shopping world.
It kills me every time yet I won't stop can't stop.

I came across two sites while browsing and decided to try it out. Online Asian shopping sites always have cheap prices and it makes you think what's the catch(aside from expected hit or miss poorer quality items). They tend to have ridiculous shipping prices that double your total. But a huge plus side is that the two sites have free world wide shipping. I'm currently waiting for the rest of my order from the second site to arrive so I'll post what I got from the first site.

(click the links to go to the items)

Plaid Dress
My fave. I wear it as a top with leggings and it's such a cute piece!

Chevron Striped Top

Lace Long Sleeve Top
The shoulders feel like they are a tad bit big on me, but it works.

Batwing Top

Hooded Sweater
This is the photo from the site but the sweater is exactly like how this picture shows it to be.

I was happy with everything I ordered which is awesome as it's always a hit or miss with online stores, especially Asian websites. They were all true to pic and I liked every piece I got!

March 3, 2015

The Military Diet

Ok, I know it's not the best way of doing things but I have an excuse.
I had a bet with a friend to lose 6 lbs in 3 months and lets just say that I could not afford to lose(can't shave for a month in August while on Vacation, forget that). Plus, I didn't lose a single pound by the time I only had a month left but gained one LOL I am such a procrastinator...

I know how to go about things the healthy and proper way and generally I do eat well and exercise regularly but I am no where near as good as I used to be years back when I was more fit and active. So I would like to get back to that, just after finishing this darn bet! 


Lasts for 3 days and you can do it once a week but not for more than the 3 days. It isn't great for permanent weight loss(which isn't what I'm concerned about, I know I'm not overweight or fat) and it isn't the solution to having a fit healthy body. Put simply it's calorie control as you are eating under 1500 calories. The diet claims that the foods work together to speed up your metabolism and cause chemical reactions etc but really? Naww man, I don't buy it. A fad diet is a fad diet.

I still did it though :P

So I wanted to document it anyways so I can share it with others. I don't recommend it, but there is enough information on the internet about it and my experience can just add to whats already out there. 

What you eat:

Ripped from
Day 1 Experience:
Weighed myself first thing in the morning and I was 126lbs. I was not used to eating breakfast again. I used to eat it every morning until about a year ago when I stopped because I started intermittent fasting(I'll make a post one day!). So breakfast was a huge difference and I felt like I had to force myself to eat it. Lunch time came around and I was pretty darn hungry and after eating it didn't satisfy me though I was 50% full I'd say. Water and tea curbed my hunger till dinner which got me so full. 1 cup of ice cream is a lot man.

Day 2 Experience:
This morning I weighed at 124.8lbs. Breakfast was alright. I am not a fan of cottage cheese, at all. I had to force it. I recall there being substitutes but I didn't bother. For dinner I was quite satisfied, though I skipped out on the banana until later on because I knew if I felt hungry I could still eat that.

Day 3 Experience:
Dropped to 124 on the dot. I liked the crackers and cheese, and ate the apple later on. Lunch.. was sad and dinner was so freaking sad. Surprisingly I wasn't hungry although the entire day I never felt full or satfisied.

Then I did this the next week as well.
During my off days I ate relatively healthy, but I did go out to eat a few meals because food loves me.

the most relative point.

I lost 3lbs in a week of doing this. Before doing the diet I weighed in at 125 lbs standing at 5'4''. A friend who I doing this with lost 8 lbs in a week. And tbh, we ate out for dinner on the four off days LOL not good. I'm continuing this for a little while longer as I am also doing it to support my friend(moral support). It isn't crazy but is quite doable and in a way it helped me to control my craving for carbs and pastries.

So there you have it!
If you want to try this out, please do your own research beforehand and make sure that it won't have a negative on your health. I didn't feel hungry or deprived but I wouldn't be surprised if someone could get a little light headed from this.

Take care,

January 28, 2015

NOTW + Winterize You Nails

Been really into this shade of purple lately!

In some parts of the world, winter is here. In other parts, winter just ended. I'm in the latter. But I know that during the winter our nails tend to crack and you are just not as into the bright and lively colors on your nails anymore.

So here's a little way on how to winterize your nails!

For the whole care and health aspect, here are some good tips from Julep to keep your nails in good condition during the colder months.

Usually, I like darker colors with lighter toned down accents during the cold months because it's slightly calming. Also, with shorter nails, I always like having them squared and rounded or almond shaped when they are long(it helps in them not breaking I find).

Here are some color picks from Juleps nail polish line:

Really, you can have fun with any color and style regardless of the weather, so wear what you want and rock it all day every day ;)

January 27, 2015


This was my second time making an order from I purchased 3 different items this time though because I couldn't choose between them!

Here is what I got:

Like, ermagerd. I knew I was getting these right when my eyeballs held sight of them. They are preciousss! I've been in love with platforms because of the fact that they can deliver height and comfort in one shot! The white ones got me instantly as I'm a sucker for lace. As for the black ones, I thought they were really edgy so scooped them up. The heels looked perfect for accenting an outfit. I thought these heels give the chic and stylish look without leabing behind the feminine side. Really, studs are another obsession of mine and with teal? I'm done. GAME OVER. GG.




Here's a quick summary review of the shoes.

I wear a 7US so I picked sizes 38 because Asian sizes do run smaller and I would rather risk them being big rather than small. Comfort was amazing for the platforms. I didn't realize how comfy they were! And height + comfort is killer good. As for the heels, they definitely aren't the most comfortable, a bit still especially where my toes are. But breaking them in would help.

Platforms > heels. I have nothing bad to say about the platforms. The heels quality was expected considering the price and where it's from.

Overall, I was in love with all three from this order.

Here is the cost breakdown of my entire order if any of you were wondering:
Yes, the shipping is a turn off and is ridiculous. BUT it is FEDEX which gets your package to you in 3-5 days. Was there a cheaper shipping option? Sadly, no.

I noticed that if I wanted to order just one item the option of china airmail was possible as they send packages only under 2KG. But for item shipping was going to be about $17 already so I thought I might as well get all three in one shot. Either way, the total for each pair would come to about $35 anyways. Not bad at all.

I hope you guys find this helpful. I mean, before getting these I ransacked google for reviews and couldn't find any on platform shoes. I have come across sites that sell them but not in the styles I like.

Till then,