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December 18, 2014


It's been such a long time since I've blogged. 

So much has happened since and I'd say that things got so ridiculously busy. Regular blogging isn't going to be a thing for me now. However, I'll find a way to keep it updated from time to time at least, most likely with photos or anything related to the overall theme of this blog!

Main point of this post is to share a nail design using cool little studs and decorations.

Navy blue with gold accents.

There were three different decorative designs used and they are listed below in order of what is shown in the picture!

The little gold accents are all from bornprettystore and for anyone interested in shopping there...
Imma drop the code right here for 10% off ;)


October 3, 2014


The last nail post was a review of some nail wraps/stickers from BornPrettyStore and so will this post! 
But instead of nail wraps, these are more focused on the manicure look :) Plus one water decal.

First off, I'll start off with a nail water decal. If you have no idea what that is, to put it simply, it's like a temporary tattoo but for your nails. The link to the product also has a video showing how to apply it.
But for my nails, here is the result I got ^^


Next up are manicure nail stickers! I'm really into floral designs as you can tell. Each of these last a good week if not longer, and are removed just like regular nail polish.

BTW, they are holding the event "win Prize-Vote for your favorite BornPretty Design Templates" 

You can get more details here: 

If any of you would like to order anything from BornPrettyStore, here's a DC for you to use at the checkout! 


Have fun prettying up your nails :)

August 6, 2014

ARIEL'S SISTER {Jerome Russell x Beyond the Zone}

So I got my hair did.

It was a black to ash blonde ombre and the blonde got brassy as heck. I originally wanted a red ombre and that was the reason why I bleached my hair in the first place. But I liked the blonde!

So I got semi-permanent dye to test out the waters.
And here is the result!

 The color is a deeper plum in person. But the camera cannot capture it >:( This is how bright it'd typically be in sunlight.

I got Jerome Russell in Purple and Beyond the Zone in Crimson Storm.

The smell of both dyes are delish. Can something smell pretty? LOL Because these do. The purple dye smalls like edible grape gum.

The color is pretty and noticeable all along the ombre, from the dark to lightened areas.

The dyes will fade gradually after each wash(5-28 washes) and maybe I'll get a permanent wine red done after :)

BEFORE reference photo:

How I did it:
I got this color by mixing the two. But it turned out too pink so I did another round with just the purple and this was the result! I only covered the blonde areas going above it by only an inch or so. It's ridiculously pretty and I want it to stay forever. I'll see how long it will last and how the color will stay on. I love it :')

July 24, 2014

ADDICTED to Nail Stickers!

I'm late on trying nail stickers. I've always liked the idea of how easy they are but never come across any I liked in stores. BornPrettyStore sent me three to try and I think I'm addicted.

Two of these(the blue floral one and oriental painting one) were more like water decals. Meaning that you soak them in water and they come off as a film that you then put on your nail and apply top coat. More finicky, yes.

First is this super pretty floral one!
I thought it would be too much to have all my nails with this sticker so I did it selectively and it turned out very nicely.

Second is the oriental painting nail sticker.
Unlike the one above, these are like tiny stickers and does not cover your entire nail. I had already painted a white base color before applying them.

Lastly, is my fave!
These are the LEGIT nail stickers y'all. You literally just peel them off, stick them on your nails and paint a coat of clear polish(optional). The result looks amazing, like you had gel nails done at a salon. I was also obsessed with the design <3 p="">

 Great thing about all of these is that there isn't any waiting time for them to dry, it's easy and they all live up to what they claim - they last 7 days. Removal is just like regular nail polish and the designs are intricate and detailed without the $$$ and effort. Plus for me.

BornPrettyStore has a TON of different designs for very cheap prices so you guys could check it out! Some of these designs get sold pretty quick so take your pick.

 Click the link for their nail art:

10% off code: EZB10

July 4, 2014

F(X) RED LIGHT Inspired Makeup

I love grungy looks and was so hyped when I saw that (fx) came back with RED LIGHT along that kind of look! I decided to go ahead and try doing a look inspired by the video as I thought their concept was amazing.

First off, decide which eye you want to make up. You will not do your eyebrows on that side as well. Afterwards, you decide which eye you want to wear lenses - if any at all.

Once you've decided that, let's get on to the tutorial :)

For the lips, apply a red color and blend out the edges.
You can choose to do a subtle gradient which I have made a quick tutorial for HERE.

Once you got your makeup did..
Find some chain accessories and rock this look!

Don't forget to take photos too!

Hope you liked the tutorial!
Let me know if you try out this look, cuz I'd like to know ;D or tweet/instagram it!

And obvi, I'll leave you with their music video.


July 2, 2014

NYX Round Lipstick SWATCHES

Lipstick adds a finishing touch to any look. And depending on the color the entire feel of the look can change! I had an urge to go get some and I've wanted to get the NYX Roundstick lipsticks because I like the brand a lot. It's drugstore priced yet the quality is on par with mid-high ends!

I got myself 4 lippies in Medusa, Black Cherry, Haute Melon and Pink Lyric.(fyi: I got them from cherryculture, I'll link it below)

Pink Lyric is a fun bright pink. And I mean BRIGHT. Hot pink or barbie pink would describe this color perfectly.

I got Haute Melon as I wanted something orangey-but-not-too-orange color and this was great as it is a nice coral color. It has a pink undertone which helps to fit well with my skin complexion without washing me out.

 Medusa is a deep plum color without any other hues. Strictly purple. This lipstick has a very little amount of sparkle, barely enough so I'd still call it matte.

Black Cherry looks a deep dark lip color but depending on how you apply it, the color can be a very natural red. Best described as rouge.


The texture of all these lippies is smooth so they glide on very well. The color is very pigmented for each of them but I do know that some NYX round lipsticks can be quite sheer depending on the shade you choose. I personally mix some of these colors to get some insanely pretty colors too(ex: pink lyric x medusa = PERF). Also, these stay on pretty well without much smearing and smudging. Overall I think it's a really good lipstick :)

So I am going to get some more, I just know it.
There are soo many shades to pick from and I am not done trying them out yet AND they are just $3.50 so uhm. Why not?

You guys should check them out too!

And if you have, how do you like these?

June 14, 2014


How are y'all doing??
This is the second part of my review from MapleLens. Previously I reviewed the Eyes Cream Choccomousse which I liked a lot.

So second up for review:

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.8mm
Life Span: 1 Year Disposal

The grey color has a slight blue hue to it and I quite like that. The center is yet again another yellow burst which adds dimension to the design. If you look closely at how the design is, it looks like flower petals all around. There a a very thin black ring around the outer edge surrounded by another extremely light grey ring that borders the lenses.

They enlarge well for my taste but it might be considered just minimal enlargement.

These also felt very comfortable but they did dry out my eyes a bit faster than the choccomousse lenses that I reviewed previously.

I'd give this a 4.5 if I could for these. I was expecting a darker color to show up(which is actually what I wanted) but these were brighter! Not in a bad way. They are still very nice but they don't come off as natural. I love these lenses - or any vibrant grey lenses - when paired with a red lip though!

Here's the link to the lenses:

And don't forget that there is a giveaway going on to win $50 credit to shop on MapleLens!
Check it out by clicking the banner below :)